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Page updated - 20 May 2010

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SEASONAL SECURITY ADVICE - Rantings of a Locksmith

Tis the season to be jolly!!! . . . . Nah, tis the season to be a thief with no better time to try your chance at a little ‘villainry’. All the ‘crims’ have to do is to take a walk around the estate at dusk when the light is fading but the curtains have not yet been drawn. They are looking for the bright glow emanating from the front room where your new 50inch Samsungy, Sony liking, Toshiba talking monument to 21st Century consumerism takes pride of place illuminating the room and half the street with its high definition image beaming to anyone in the street. The pictures are so good you can read any text on them from two streets away!


Anyway, if it’s going up on the wall does it have to be opposite the window or could it go on a side wall. If it is going on the wall use a padlock, or two, to secure the TV to the bracket or you could just close the curtains? . . . And another point, you may wish to ‘show-off’ your new acquisition to your neighbours and friends but don’t do it by leaving the cardboard box out for collection and on ‘show’ by the Recycling Bin.


Laptops. Why do we always leave them on the sofa when we just pop out to the shops? Close them down and put them away, preferably in a laptop safe bolted down in the house.


Cameras, Mobile Phones, Car Keys etc, keep them safe and out of sight.


Of course none of this good preventative behaviour is worth doing if the ‘crim’ can just walk into your house because your door locks are sub-insurance standard and your window locks are non-existent. Please in this time of increasing crunching and less crediting ask yourself ‘What it is worth spending to avoid making acquaintances with the Scenes of Crime Officer and the Crime Reduction Officer?’ Spend a few minutes pretending you have locked yourself out. Can you find a weakness in your house defences that you could use to let yourself in? If you find a weakness, correct it as soon as possible before someone else uses it.


Crime doesn’t pay? Don’t make me laugh. Remember crime DOES pay or so it would appear with the sentences handed down to crims. Where is the deterrent value of the Community Service Orders handed down and when did you last see a gang of offenders doing some good valuable COMMUNITY SERVICE. (DON’T GET ME STARTED)


Do you think the drug addict thinks beyond his next fix or is it just that the drugs are needed and a little breaking and entering will get that for them.




If you require further information about these or any other veterinary related topic please contact me at D B Security, 36 Gaol Lane, Sudbury or

Visit the D B Security Website


David Burroughs – Local Security Specialist – 11 Nov 2008



One home in Britain is burgled every 37 seconds. Read again - slowly... that's 2335 per day, 70,050 per month, 852,275 per year. That is a hash fact from recent statistics. Now here is a question: Is your property going to be on the next list of stats, or have you addressed the security issues of your property?


Whilst not wishing to put a damper on the oncoming Christmas festivities, this period is now statistically the most tempting for any burglar and opportunist thief. How many readers have already bought and wrapped the Xmas presents and put them under an illuminated ‘sign’ saying 'Here are our goods, come and get them!' If you haven't yet bought the gifts then, a pound to a penny, the means to do so is right there in your property, just waiting for you to go shopping on Sunday or the next late night shopping event.


A reputable locksmiths or security specialist will help and advise you and will usually offer a free, no obligation site survey service to any property holder, be it domestic, residential, commercial, retail or hotel. They are there to help and guide you through your security issues and ensure you have the best possible locks on your doors, windows and outbuildings, and to see that the locks you have are up to current insurance requirements. Far from it being the case of whether you can afford to have the correct locks and window locks, it is really a question of whether you can afford not to!


A point to remember: Insurance companies are a business, not a charity - they exist to generate profit and are not kind-hearted benefactors to all and sundry. As soon as you can read the small print on your policy that they send with the last renewal notice – there is a good chance that they have changed since you last read them. Look for the wording 'final exit door and ground floor doors should be fitted with a British Standard 5 lever mortice lock to BS3621'. In layman's terms the BS kite mark and the number B53621 should be stamped on the lock fore plate to comply. If your locks do not comply and you have no window locks then, if you have the misfortune to be burgled, it is a triple ‘whammy’. You have the misery & heartache of the loss, the intrusion into your property and no insurance payout.


If you require further information about these or any other veterinary related topic please contact me at D B Security, 36 Gaol Lane, Sudbury or

Visit the D B Security Website


David Burroughs – Local Security Specialist - 06 Nov 2006