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Page updated - 02 December 2010

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Cornard News - Some of the advice, below, was previously published in Cornard News



When you buy online:

  • Use a credit card rather than a debit card. You will have more protection but only purchases over £100, within the UK, are covered by the major credit card companies.

  • Make sure that the company is based within the UK or EEA. If not you risk losing your money if the goods do not turn up or are defective. You could also be surcharged for import duty and VAT.

  • Never give credit card or personal information as part of any purchase by email, or via a web page that is not encrypted. If the order form, with your details, is sent encrypted the small padlock icon in the corner of your browser will be shown as locked.

  • Print out each screen that contains details of your purchase. If you need to complain at a later date these pages will provide the information you need.

If you purchase goods that do not originate from within the UK, but the company you are contracting with for the sale of goods is based within the UK (such as companies who offer cheap imported goods), you are covered by UK consumer protection law.

Just because a site has a ‘.uk’ domain name it does not mean that it trades from within the UK, or that the company operating it is registered in the UK.

When you purchase online through a member of the Trust UK accreditation scheme you have a guarantee that the company will:

  • Protect your privacy.

  • Ensure that your payments are secure.

  • Let you know what you have agreed to, and how to cancel orders should you need to.

  • Deliver the goods or services ordered within the agreed time period.

  • Sort out any complaints, wherever you live.

Just because you want to believe that ‘surely no-one would want to take advantage of me on the Internet’ is NO guarantee that they won’t; there are some very unpleasant ‘folks’ online.


Be ‘clued-up’ and keep control of your money.


David Burroughs – Locksmith & Security Consultant

14 Nov 2010




Have you ever thought of installing a safe?


Why compound the misery and anger of a burglary by giving away your possessions easily? Your treasured valuables and heirlooms could easily be accommodated in a safe to match your requirements. Safes come in all sizes and varieties to suit your needs be they cash, jewellery, silver, digital media.


Safes can be fireproof, waterproof or burglary-resistant. They can be sized according to your possessions such as cameras, laptops, watches, passports, important documents and/or cash. They need cost as much or as little as you wish to spend to protect your possessions.


What price can be put on possessions such as your late grannies wedding ring?


David Burroughs – Locksmith & Security Consultant

09 August 2010




ARE YOU WASTING YOUR MONEY? Read AND understand your Home and/or Contents Insurance Policy.


Insurance Companies are not benevolent societies and expect you to comply with the Terms & Conditions (T&C’s) of their policies. Principally this means that if they required that the door locks are BS3621, kite marked and that window locks are fitted on ALL ground floor and accessible first floor windows then they need to be installed and USED at the appropriate times.


They use terms such as ‘making sure that all security locks and devices are in operation when the property is unoccupied’ means that when you go out ALL the door & window locks are engaged.


This also applies to any Alarm System of which you have notified them must also be armed and fully operational. Failure to comply with their T&C’s could render your Policy worthless thereby giving you the double-whammy of not only losing your valuable possessions in a burglary but also being unable to claim on you Insurance.


David Burroughs – Locksmith & Security Consultant

16 May 2010




Most UPVC (plastic) and some wooden doors are fitted multipoint locking systems. These systems only give the full benefit of door security when the handle has been lifted to engage ALL of the locking points AND the key has been turned in the lock.


Many of the residents of Great Cornard whose houses were burgled at the end of 2009 may not been ‘victims of crime’ if they had securely locked their UPVC doors. Also don’t leave keys in the lock or in view if there is a letterbox in, or near, the door.


David Burroughs – Locksmith & Security Consultant

12 February 2010