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This area has been added to the website to give everyone with access to the Internet and email, not just me, a platform to make comment. All subjects are 'open to discussion'. Click here to email - Click on the hyperlink to send me an email with your views, comments, replies, suggestions or, even, criticisms. I may not agree with your point of view but I will try to include the contents of your email to this area (legalities permitting); social comment HAS to be two-way!  If your inputs are added to this area, your email address will automatically be removed from the text, unless you request that it is included, and NOT be shared with anyone else. If you want to remain anonymous, that is fine by me. Try not to be libellous as I enjoy my liberty, do not want to spend time 'in-side' and cannot afford an expensive Court Case. I will try and include all relevant emails but I do reserve the right to omit any that are irrelevant or libellous. Tony - 24 Nov 2011.



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 07 Dec 2011

Social - 2012 Olympic Games

Are they a good use of our money? - Olympic Money Pit - 111206

 06 Dec 2011

Science - Microwave Cookers

Use and abuse of a kitchen appliance - Microwave Cooking - 111128

 25 Nov 2011

Science - Ozone / Global Warming

Ozone does not stop global warming - Ozone / Global Warming Myth - 111125