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Digital TV Switchover

Page updated - 02 December 2010

This advice first appeared in the Cornard News Newsletter


Well, technically, it is not so much a switchover but more of a switch off. What will happen during July 2011 is our local Analogue terrestrial transmitters will be turned off. If you currently receive TV signals ONLY (maximum of 5 channels) from the Analogue transmitter, and you still wish to watch TV, after July 2011 here are several possible options available to you:

  • Digibox – Use existing TV plus Digital TV Tuner – sometimes called a ‘Freeview’ box – and using the 20-pin SCART (sometimes called peritel) connector or possibly the need for a TV modulator for much older TV sets. Cost from about £20 upwards.

  • New TV - With compatible integral Digital TV tuner. This may not be the cheapest option but it should not require any interconnecting leads and it is NEW and under guarantee. There are some really good second-hand bargains BUT there are also some copper-bottomed rip-offs.

  • Satellite TV – Signals come from geostationary satellites so no terrestrial receiving equipment required.

  • Internet – Many stations available in ‘real time’ just via the computer and a reasonable Broadband connection.

When buying anything or any service it is always good to remember ‘buyer beware’ and please remember that a TV Licence is needed for whatever ‘platform’ is used.


‘Happy viewing’ and in the meantime ‘Don’t Panic’ as there are still over 6 months before the transmitters are switched off.


Cornard News Staff


13 November 2010