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Page updated - 13 December 2011

Medical References Index - for specific references

Allergy - Peanuts - Special Diet Needs.

Click on Peanut Allergy for more information on the symptoms and unexpected sources of peanut in a number of 'everyday' foods. Further information is also available from this website page. Although the percentage in the UK & USA would appear to be about 1% of the population, there is a higher percentage for babies and young children. In the UK the figure is about 1.8% for children starting school.

Allergy UK - Information and advice on allergies.

Established in 1991, Allergy UK is a national charity aimed at increasing understanding and awareness of allergies. In 2002, Allergy UK launched its Chemical Sensitivities Division. For further information click on the hyperlinks or telephone 01322 611 646.

BBC - Health - Information and advice on general and specific health conditions.

Click on BBC Health Home Page for a list of health topics with the latest health news or BBC Health - A to Z for the index of illnesses and conditions.

. . but you don't look ill - Cheerful support for hidden illnesses. The group meets on the second Thursday of the month in the Stevenson Centre, Great Cornard. Click on . . but you don't look ill  for further information on this local group.

Diagnose Me - Interactive site with advice on general and specific health conditions.

Click on Diagnose Me for the Home Page and scroll down to the Click here bit to start The Analyst.

[ If you use this site, please let me know how useful it was for you. There is a disclaimer at the bottom of the page. ]

Food can make you ill - Information on food intolerance

Started by a dedicated researcher, Food can make you ill will provide valuable information for anyone tracking the cause for illness due to food intolerance.

NHS Direct - UK Department of Health

Click on NHS Direct for information about a specific condition, illness or test. Available 24 hours a day.

Telephone 0845 4647 (UK only) to speak with an NHS Direct nurse or 999 (112) for emergency help.

For deaf or those hard of hearing there is a text phone service available on 0845 606 4647.

National Health Service (NHS) - UK Department of Health

Click on NHS List - Where to find . . .  for a list of national suppliers of health promotion resources for the public. It is not exhaustive and focuses on health topics identified in the NHS plan. Inclusion does not signify endorsement by the Department of Health. The information given was believed to be correct at the time of being added to this Website.

Visit Health Development Agency Links for a comprehensive list of website links covering a wider range of topics.