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Page updated - 25 February 2009




This great opportunity is available, for an initial twenty-four week scheme, at Great Cornard Sports Centre. This project enables people with disabilities to access a local gym and improve their health & fitness without the usual big costs of using a gym.


An exercise programme will be personally worked out with an initial assessment by qualified staff at the centre and regular assessments throughout the course. After the twenty-four weeks a reassessment and lower gym membership will be offered to enable continued fitness improvement.


Currently, we are trying to recruit ‘gym buddies’ to help within the gym and this will aid a greater confidence & independence. The cost is just £1 per session with up to 3 sessions per week.


Please note that ‘personal care’ cannot be provided by Sports Centre Staff but, if needed will have to be arranged independently of this programme.


For any other information please contact me on (01787) 374861.


Lisa Parkhurst - Great Cornard Sports Centre

6 Feb 2009