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Page updated - 24 May 2009




Get fit with friends for a fiver at Great Cornard Sports Centre. Would you like to join a gym but think you canít afford to? Good News, there is a new scheme that could change that. If you are aged 16-22 you could be eligible for a gym membership for £5 a month. Join on your own or why not join with a friend to keep you both motivated.


You can join this scheme by registering on the Fit 4 Future web site at www.fit4future.co.uk or give us a call to book your induction. During this induction you will be shown how to use the equipment and a program will be written for you to help you reach your goals.


We look forward to seeing you so donít delay.  Last date to register on this scheme is 30 June 2009. Any questions call Wendy or Dan at the Sports Centre on 01787 374861.


Wendy Gerber Ė Great Cornard Sports Centre

06 May 2009