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Recipes (2002)

Page updated - 06 December 2005

These recipes were previously published in Cornard News

2002 Spring

Issue 09


6ozs Shortcrust pastry

3.5oz Can of salmon (drained)

2ozs Mushrooms (sliced)

2 Eggs (beaten)

0.25pint Milk

6ozs Cheddar cheese

Salt, pepper, chopped parsley

Take an 8-inch flan dish and line with foil

Roll out pastry and place in flan dish

Bake Gas Mark 6, 200C (400F) for 15mins.

Place drained, flaked salmon in base of flan case &cover with mushrooms.

Beat together eggs & milk, stir in the cheese, seasoning and parsley.

Pour into flan case. Bake for further 20-30 mins until filling is set.

2002 Summer

Issue 10


(Delicious but quick)

0.5oz Custard Powder

1 tablespoon Sugar

0.5 pint Milk

5oz Sliced Ginger Cake

14oz Can pears in natural juice (sliced & drained)

0.25 pint Cider

5 fluid oz Whipping cream

1oz Toasted flaked almonds

Blend custard powder with a little of the milk. Bring remaining milk to the boil & make custard, return to pan & cook for 1 minute. Arrange ginger cake in glass serving dish. Cover with pears & pour over cider.

Put custard on top. Whip cream. Pipe over custard & decorate with toasted almonds. Enjoy.

2002 Autumn

Issue 11


4 chicken portions

1 can (10 ozs) condensed mushroom soup

2 ozs mushrooms (finely sliced)

4 ozs grated cheddar cheese

1 teaspoon sage (fresh or dried)

1 bunch spring onions

Preheat oven to 200C (Gas 6). Line a shallow baking dish with foil. Arrange chicken pieces with skin side up. Sprinkle with pepper. Combine soup with cheese, mushrooms & sage. Finely chop the spring onion bulbs & add to soup mixture, stirring until blended. Spoon over chicken to coat all pieces. Bake uncovered for about 55 mins or until tender, basting with the sauce in the pan. To garnish, thinly slice onion tops and sprinkle over chicken.


2002 Winter

Issue 12