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POTTED HISTORY OF GREAT CORNARD - This series of  Potted History of Great Cornard has been submitted by Cornard News. The articles were written by Joan Herbert who researched them from a variety of local sources.


Part 6 - 1960's

On 17 May 1963, at a meeting between the London County Council (LCC), the Sudbury Town Council and the Melford Rural District Council a Mrs Dennington from the LCC gave her opinion that the building of the new estates should be as near Sudbury as possible so that the new arrivals should feel they were part of the town.  Maybe she thought that Great Cornard would seem too rural for Londoners. The new houses to be built were for people on the LCC waiting list or for key workers in the new industries moving from London.  This policy seemed to be strictly adhered to and when, in August 1964, Cornard Mills that had been in Cornard since the 19th Century and had recently expanded were told that priority could not be given to the firm’s workers for council houses.


At a meeting of the Melford RDC on 10 October 1963 it was stated that land had been purchased at Alexandra Road, Chilton, for industrial purposes. This was the land that the new CAV factory eventually occupied in 1964. At the same meeting it was also decided to build 6 new shops for the new private estate developed by the builder Janes but in fact they were never built. At another meeting on 21 May 1964 of the Sudbury and Melford Joint Development Committee a representative from CAV stated that, in their opinion 700 new workers would be required by 1966.


The Suffolk Free Press reported on 16 July 1964 that a contract costing One and a Half Million Pounds between W C French Ltd and Melford RDC for 206 houses and amenities on 19 acres of land in Cornard.  Mr Parmenter and Mr Stevenson received compensation for their land. It was also reported in the same issue that Great Cornard Parish Council had asked the County Council for the roads being built to take cars off the estate as at the moment the roads only led into dirt tracks. They said it was ‘Suburbia without suburbia’s amenities’.


In September 1965 the first of the newcomers under the scheme arrived. Names for the new roads were hastily agreed at a meeting on 9 December 1965.  What did the newcomers make of their first Christmas in Great Cornard?  It must have seemed strange after the hustle and bustle of the London street markets to shop at the little market in Sudbury. A few of them did not like the change and opted to return to London after only a few weeks here.


Compiled by Joan Herbert – Cornard News - 14 July 2004