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Page updated - 07 December 2010




Gerald Browne, one of our previous ‘Cornard People’, was invited to lay a wreath at the re-dedication of the Dunkirk Memorial in the Rose Garden, Abbey Gardens, Bury St. Edmunds on Saturday 13 November 2010. The actual memorial stone was part of ‘The Mole’ in Dunkirk from where so many men were rescued.


Mr Browne, now a marvellous 91 years, is himself a Dunkirk veteran and was rescued from the French beaches. He was one of 300,000 Allied troops to be brought home in a flotilla of boats amongst them were yachts, lifeboats, paddle steamers and fishing boats - which courageously set out from England to carry out this dangerous mission.


On arrival at the Abbey Gardens Gerald discovered he was the only Dunkirk veteran to be laying a wreath. The Dunkirk Association had hoped to have another veteran there but for whatever reason he could not be present.


After the moving service everyone retired to the Abbey Refectory for refreshments and so many people came to shake hands and speak to Gerald it made a very special day for him.


As part of his war service Gerald took part in the D. Day landings on 6June 1944 and this very elderly gentleman says to have been asked to lay a wreath at the Memorial was a wonderful experience and a great honour to remember all his comrades who were left behind and gave their lives on our behalf.


Interview by Doris Rowland for Cornard News


14 November 2010