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Page updated - 25 January 2006

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Just send an email if you want to add your views & comments to this campaign and if you want to remain anonymous, that is fine by me.

Try not to be libellous as I enjoy my liberty, do not want to spend time 'in-side' and cannot afford an expensive Court Case.

I will try and include all relevant emails but I do reserve the right to omit any that are irrelevant or libellous.

Tony Harman - 11 Jan 2006


Email from Kevin dated 14 Jan 2006

Just wanted to add our support to your campaign.

Typical of the council they don't want anyone to know because they already know that there would be objection's.


Or will it be like the problems with wheelie bins they have all these meetings but have already made there minds up.

I will be attending the meeting on Wednesday 18th.

Once again a very under hand deal is going on through the council.

Regards, Kevin


 Email from Margaret dated 15 Jan 2006

I find the whole idea very disturbing and wonder just why the council are so willing to go ahead with this. We are so lacking in facilities, have no full time firemen and our medical care is under serious threat. How can they think of overloading them even further. On a more historic note I find it sad that our 'precious places' are being treated with such disregard. How do they feel at Gainsborough's House? What do the National Art Gallery think about the subject of one of their precious paintings being treated with such a lack of feeling?

I would like to attend Weds. meeting but already have plans. Can an objection form be obtained in any other way?



Email from Darren dated 16 Jan 2006

For numerous years we have enjoyed the views of the open countryside, which borders our back garden. We are extremely concerned of this projected housing plan, as the field has a high gradient, and during the winter months we do not receive any sunlight in our back garden, as the sun is very low. Therefore are we going to be plunged into darkness?!!, and have they taken this into consideration?



Email dated 17 Jan 2006

If this country is a true democracy, then the people make the decisions and the elected bodies carry out those decisions, not the other way round!!

If that doesn't work then what are we expected to do??

Contact details supplied


Email from Kevin dated 19 Jan 2006

I attended the local meeting last night regarding the local development of the Carsons Drive site.

It is now up to every local residents who objects to this hideous development to complete the necessary form to object to this proposal.

Also I would suggest emailing or writing to your local councillors to act on our behalf as that is what they where elected to do.

Is not about time our councillors actually listened to overwhelming objection to this plan and vote against it.

I so far have written 15 emails to said councillors.

It is up to us as residents to keep fighting this.

People power can win.

Regards, Kevin


Email dated 22 Jan 2006

We are writing to express our disgust and opposition in the strongest possible terms against the development of 170 homes on open fields in the Stour Valley near Abbas Hall, Great Cornard. These development proposals will impact disastrously on the established neighbourhood and community and destroy nationally-famed views, wiping out wild life and trees. People in Great Cornard care strongly about where they live and the things they value about their countryside has not properly been taken into account in the planning of this development.  Land ought to be held in trust for the people, not made the subject of this sort of speculation and profiteering. We need to preserve the areas distinctive character and features for our future generations to enjoy.


Development of this land would jeopardize totally the residential community character of this neighbourhood and destroy wildlife habitat. A lot of people in Great Cornard have quite simply had enough of what is going on. Babergh District Council needs to do a lot, lot more to stop this sort of planning application. It is as if the council wants to rush the proposals through as fast as possible because the area was earmarked for Special landscaped area protection. This means that residents and conversationalists have had very little time to influence the councils thinking.


The Urban Regeneration and Greenfield Environment Network recognise that Persimmon Homes record of building on green belt land - as opposed to already-developed brown field - to be poor. 'Persimmon's name just keeps coming up time and time again when people talk about local landscape areas under  threat.  The community has not had the opportunity to play a part in the decision making process, as advocated by the Rural White paper & the Department for Environment, Food and Rural affairs. The council should act responsibly; withdraw its draft plan and fight to protect the environment around Great Cornard, as have local councils up and down the country. Councillors are elected to represent the people who voted for them. This has definitely not been the case in Great Cornard, therefore on whose behalf are they speaking.

Contact details supplied


Email from Patricia dated 24 Jan 2006

We attended the meeting last week, and have since been told by somebody that used to work at a solicitors in town that we wasted our time as these plans were approved two years ago and will go ahead anyway.  I was left feeling very low.


We used to live at Kempson Drive, and before we thought about moving we asked Babergh Council if we could buy a small piece of land next to our house, the land was only a piece of grass of 8ft x 13ft approx,  but the problem was that when people came home from the pubs at night they used the piece of grass next to my house to argue on, go to the toilet, and even have sex, we even had things thrown into our garden.  I explained this to the council and they said "NO" it is greenbelt land for public use and we could not buy it, so we moved, as with two small children this was not a nice environment for them.  I am therefore livid that they can now obliterate all this wonderful landscape just to make Cornard like Haverhill. 


One of the big factors in us buying our present house (on the hedgerows) was the wonderful views, and the peace and quiet,  we even homed a large rescue dog after we found that there was a field nearby where he could run around freely when we walked him, something he had never been able to do as he had been in a home since being a puppy. when these plans go ahead he will have to be walked on the lead around the block, going to the toilet on the pavement along with the rest of the dogs that at the moment use the same field.


There must be an Animal Welfare organisation, or an organisation that protects woods and landscapes like ours that could help, short of that or a national newspaper helping I cannot see what we can do, however we will continue to come to meetings and if any help is needed either delivering letters to houses or anything else We are more than willing to help.


We have enough traffic on our roads, enough pupils at our schools and a wonderful landscape around us, it would be nice to keep it like that. 


Regards, Patricia