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Page updated - 13 December 2009

Plan Overview 1


This is one overview (there are others) of the Local Planning Proposal and has been drawn from details in Report Number E314 (30 March 2006) and the corresponding Inspectors Report. Both documents are available from Babergh District Council.


The proposed site would cover an area of about 16 hectares (39.5acres) with 4.4 hectares (10.86 acres) for up to 176 houses and the remaining 11.6 hectares (28.64 acres) as public open space and woodland planting.


Access to the site would be from Sheepshead Hill to Cornard Tye road (C732) with an additional pedestrian access via the footpath between the site and Carsons Drive, which is on a bus route and roughly 1Km (about half a mile) from the local schools, local sports centre and library.


The C732 road would need several improvements including widening and the relocation of the 30mph limit. The addition of a footpath and cycle track would be needed with the C732 at the Shawlands Avenue end of the site.


Overall, the resolution of the highways matters will, of course, remain necessary to the satisfaction of the Local Planning Authority (LPA), in conjunction with the Transport Authority and the LPA retains the ability to both control, and if necessary prevent, the scheme from proceeding through its development control powers and grant (or otherwise) of planning permission.


Major work may be required to provide adequate Surface Water Drainage & Sewage Treatment.


An Archaeological Survey would take place before any development started.


There is no guarantee that Affordable Housing will be built on this site.