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Page updated - 23 January 2006

Stefan Kosciuszko - 19 Jan 2006

From: Stefan Kosciuszko
Sent: 19 January 2006 16:07
To: 'Albert Pearce'; 'Brian Lazenby'; 'Bryn Hurren'; 'Christopher Hunt'; 'Clive Arthey'; 'Colin Kerr'; 'Colin Spence'; 'David Busby'; 'David Grutchfield '; 'David Rose'; 'David Wood'; 'Duncan Read'; 'Frances Bates'; 'Gerald White'; 'Humphrey Todd'; 'Jack Owen'; 'James Long'; 'Jean Chapman'; 'Jennie Jenkins'; 'Jim Quinlan'; 'John Brand'; 'John Hinton'; 'John Sayers'; 'John Wyn Roberts'; 'Keith Grimsey'; 'Len Young'; 'Martyn Booth'; 'Michael Miller'; 'Neil MacMaster'; 'Nick Irwin'; 'Nick Ridley'; 'Nigel Bennett'; 'Penny Clarke'; 'Peter Beer'; 'Peter Holbrook'; 'Rex Thake'; 'Sue Carpendale'; 'Sue Wigglesworth'; 'Tony Bavington'; 'Wendy Sadler'
Subject: Great Cornard Public Consultation Meeting - 18th January 2006


Dear Councillors,


Please find attached a press release (Press (2) - 19 Jan 2005) out lining what happened at the meeting yesterday. On a wet and windy winter night 250 people, standing room only, attended and voiced their unanimous objection to the development proposed as a Post Inquiry Modification (PIM) to the Local Plan.


I hope that you may continue to follow this matter as the public consultation process evolves and the massive popular support against this development proceeding is acknowledged.


I am aware that many of you voted for the motion put forward by Councillor Peter Beer to not include this matter as a PIM and I am also aware that many who voted against Peter’s proposal did so, not because you objected to the proposal and its validity of stopping this desecration of an SLA, but because you wanted it to go through a public consultation process. This is happening and the voice of the public on this matter is clear and will become greater as the period of consultation continues. A democratic process of site selection over 5 years cannot be overturned by the back door and pressure from “big money developers”.


I hope you will be able to support in future the important principles at stake for the District as a whole in this particular circumstance.


Stefan Kosciuszko