Action Group

(Great Cornard and Sudbury individuals including resident representatives for Carsons/De Greys/Kempson/Parmenter/Chaplin/Sheepshead Hill/Walsingham/Pot Kiln/Canhams)




11 April 2006




Ridley`s Folly


Stefan Kosciuszko, Chairman of Save Gainsborough Country Campaign commented:


"Today marks a new low point in the history of our district. The fact that the Chairman of Strategy Committee can vote for the desecration of Gainsborough`s Valley is made even more surreal when you consider that he is also Chairman of Gainsborough House. But planning and strategy are not words that spring to mind when thinking of the approach of this group of councillors that voted on this Local Plan.


The stench of pre-determination emanating from the Council offices in Hadleigh has been overpowering throughout this process. The views of 2200+ individuals, objections from English Heritage and Suffolk County Council Highways and sound planning arguments all ignored in a sham of a consultation process.


I would like to thank all those who helped the campaign in any way and to apologise to all those with whom I argued with against on the idea that this matter was all predetermined, crooked and a sham. I admit I was wrong to believe that our councillors might have enough sense of fair play and integrity to see through being lead by the nose by the officers.


We will review the options available to us and revert with further comment in due course."