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Page updated - 25 January 2006

Meeting of Babergh District Councillors - 13 Dec 2005 -  Amendment and Results of the Vote

Following the recommendation by Strategy Committee to adopt the Babergh Local Plan (Alteration No. 2) Proposed Post Inquiry Modifications (Strategy Committee Minute No. 97), an amendment was proposed and seconded that the new site referred to as land east of Carsons Drive, Great Cornard should be deleted from the proposed modifications.


The voting was as follows:

To delete the proposed development - 9 (For the Amendment)

Mr A C Bavington

Mr P K Beer

Mr K Grimsey

Mr D G Grutchfield

Mr R E Kemp

Mr N MacMaster

Mr J M Owen

Mr J J Quinlan

Mr J R A Sayers


To retain the proposed development - 25 (Against the Amendment)

Mr C W Arthey

Mrs E F Bates

Mr N A Bennett

Mr M P Booth

Mr J C Brand

Mrs S Carpendale

Mrs S P Clarke

Mr A J Hinton

Mr P J Holbrook

Mr C J Hunt

Ms J A Jenkins

Mr P Jones

Mr D H Keane

Mr B L Lazenby

Dr M R Miller

Mr D J Read

Mr N A Ridley

Mr D C Rose

Mr C M Spence

Mr R W Thake

Mr H N Todd

Mr G S White

Mrs S M Wigglesworth

Mr D L Wood

Mr L H Young


Abstention 1

Miss J J Chapman


The following 8 Babergh District Council Members were not present:

Mr D M Busby, Mr B D Hurren, Mr N H J Irwin, Mr C D Kerr, Mr J A B Long, Mr A E Pearce, Mr J W Roberts and Mrs W J Sadler.