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Page updated - 28 December 2005

Cornard Tye Residents Association - 06 Dec 2005


Chairman:  M G Evans. Tye Cottage, Cornard Tye, Sudbury, Suffolk. CO10 0QA

Treasurer & Secretary:  A W R Lockhart. Speedwell, Joes Road, Cornard Tye, Sudbury, Suffolk. CO10 0QB





I refer to the Settlement and Housing section and in particular to the inclusion of Omission site land east of Carsons Drive, Great Cornard.


From reading the Inspectors report carefully it seems that he has only heard one side of the case. This site has previously been rejected as unsuitable and its inclusion now seems strange. From my attendance at the Inquiry, I noted that the objections put forward by officers were not expressed effectively.


Valley views and the setting of Abbas Hall


It is difficult to agree with the Inspector that the view from and the setting of Abbas Hall would be enhanced by this development. For over 700 years the Hall has been blessed with outstanding views across the valley. Ridgeline planting would obscure these views, also views of the valley from Sheepshead Hill road and the public footpath/ bridle way would be totally lost. Access to the Hall would run alongside the housing estate with screening opposite. The whole setting of the Hall would be changed and its link with the valley severed.


Road Infrastructure.


The Inspector states that the increase in traffic movements would be relatively small and that there would be no inherent highway objection. However he notes that the main access point is onto the C732 (Sheepshead Hill road) which he states is narrow and twisting. This road has been the site of numerous accidents and is a rat run for south Cornard. He accepts that some road improvements will be necessary and some widening needed. Will all this work change the rural nature of this road and that of the ancient holloway?


Special Landscape Area (SLA)


I disagree with the Inspectors conclusion that the site reads more with the built up area than the countryside.  There is a section in the northwest corner of the site where effective screening would obscure housing and garages, otherwise the site fits well within the wider panoramic views of the valley.


Drainage Problems.


The Inspector states that the capacity of the sewage system is inadequate and extensive drainage works would be necessary.


As can be seen from the above this is far from a problem free site and it is problematic whether satisfactory solutions can be found at the detailed planning stage.


This site has previously been rejected as unsatisfactory and its last minute inclusion in the Local Plan must be deferred.


Yours sincerely,


Michael Evans


6th December, 2005