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Page updated - 18 January 2006

Please note the bold text in the letter below that I have highlighted in red.

Only objection received during the 'consultation period' and clearing stating the 'modification number' will be considered.


The  modification number you need for all correspondence is: New site, land off Carsons Drive: Modification No. 3/59

Tony - 18 Jan 2006


Letter received from Babergh District Council by one objector in Parmenter Drive






Rich Cooke

Acting Head of Planning Policy & Economic Development

Babergh District Council

Corks Lane, Hadleigh, Ipswich IP7 6SJ


DX NO: 85055    Exchange:  Babergh

Main Switchboard:  01473 822801

Website: www.babergh.gov.uk



Your Ref:                     

My Ref:                              


Please ask for:  Rich Cooke               

Phone Direct Line:             01473 825

Fax:  01473  825708

Email:  @babergh.gov.uk

                                                                                                                                 10th January 2006

Dear Sir/Madam


Babergh Local Plan Alteration No2 – Proposed Modification: Carsons Drive, Great Cornard

Consultation Period on Proposed Modifications


I am writing to confirm that the Council has received a letter and/or an email from you objecting to the Inspector’s recommendation to include a site for 170 dwellings at Carson Drive, Great Cornard, and to inform you of the process for dealing with objections to the modified Local Plan.


At the meeting on 13th December 2005 the Council considered and approved most of the Inspector’s recommendations.  These are known as Post Inquiry Modifications to the Local Plan.  There are also a number of the Inspector’s recommendations that the Council do not agree with. Together these are the Council’s proposed changes to the Babergh Local Plan Alteration No2 and will now be subject to a six-week period of public consultation which is anticipated will start around the middle of next week.  The various stages of and procedures for adoption of a Local Plan are set out in Regulations published by the Government (The Town and Country Planning (Development Plan)(England) Regulations 1999), and the Council is preparing to comply with these.


As you have written to the Council you will shortly receive a letter setting out the procedure, a copy of the formal notice (that the Council is required to publish in a local paper), one copy of a form for representations, and a set of guidance notes.  The reason for this letter is to explain that only objections (or representations of support) received after the consultation period has started and clearly stating a modification number will be considered. 


The Council regrets that it is unable to consider your original letter or email as a valid objection to the Proposed Modifications. Therefore, if you wish to have your objection considered by the Council you must write to me once the six-week period has started, that is after the notice has been published in the East Anglian Daily Times or after you have received the formal notification letter referred to above.


Please note that no further action will be taken or correspondence entered into on any matter included in the Proposed Modifications until the formal consultation period has started, so you will not receive any response to your original letter/email other than this letter. 


Yours faithfully

Rich Cooke

Acting Head of Planning Policy & Economic Development