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Bogus Callers

Page updated - 24 May 2009


Follow these top tips from Suffolk Police Crime Prevention experts to prevent Bogus Callers getting away with your valuables. If someone calls at your door: -

Think about whether or not you are expecting a call. Before you answer the door make sure that your back door, or any other method of entry to your home, is locked. Check who is calling by looking through the spy hole in your door or a nearby window.

If you have a door chain or bar, make sure that you use it and keep it on while you talk to the person on your doorstep.

Make sure you check the details of your caller. Ask them to show you an identification card. This should include their name, a photograph and the name and number of the company they represent. Check that the photograph matches that of the caller. If a letter has been sent to you to prearrange the visit then make sure the name and details on the card are the same as those in the letter. Whenever possible arrange such visits when you know that you will have someone with you. If an appointment has not been made, take the ID card from the caller, close
and lock the door and check the details by looking the company and number up in the phone book or call directory enquiries to check if the company is genuine.

Genuine callers will always carry photographic identification with them and will not mind waiting while you check it and confirm their identity. Bogus callers can also turn up on your doorstep claiming to be builders or gardeners and may try and trick you into paying for unnecessary or overpriced work. Do not agree to have work done by someone who is just passing and never pay for any work before it is done. Donít believe scare stories and donít let yourself be pressurized into a cash or quick sale. Remember to note down the description of any unsolicited caller and if possible take down the colour, make and registration number of any vehicle they use as this information may help police to apprehend an offender.

If you have any concerns about the caller on your doorstep the message is simple. If in doubt, keep them out and call 999.

If you need any further information please contact your local police station or Crime Reduction Officer at Suffolk Police on 01473 613500.

Police Direct Team