Land East of Carsons Drive, Great Cornard, Sudbury

Planning Application No: B/10/00094/FUL

170 Dwellings






A planning application has been received by Babergh District Authority as above. The Local Plan was adopted on 1st June 2006 which included an allocation of this land for up to 170 dwellings, subject to planning permission. At that time over 2200 people signed a petition against this development and over 400 written representations were made with Babergh doing their best to throw out those which for a technicality were not submitted correctly. Babergh also barred 7 councillors by a formal letter from voting on a further technicality and as a result at the full council meeting this was railroaded through by a 15-12 narrow margin.

This development is not yet set in stone…..Babergh Development Committee now needs to decide, like any planning application, if this is an appropriate development. A number of circumstances have changed. Importantly the developer has also not taken account of some of the previous objections. So……..


Take Action

Anyone can comment on this planning application. You must comment by e-mail or by letter and representations will only be accepted if they are in writing, and contain your name and a full postal address. Also please quote the application number as above.



Written comments must be received by 21 days after the date of the original notification letter. In this case the notification letter was dated 4th March 2010 and so comments must be made by 25th March 2010


Where to send

By e-mail –

By Royal Mail

Nicholas J Ward

Chief Planning Control Officer

Babergh District Council

Corks Lane

Hadleigh, Ipswich IP7 6SJ

The Planning Officer concerned is Gareth Durrant - Telephone : 01473 825858


In case of any further assistance or information on possible objections, go to and please do not hesitate to contact your local Parish or District Councillor or Stefan Kosciuszko, Chairman, Save Gainsborough Country Action Group at



Summary Objections











19 March 2010