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Were Babergh Council Duped?

Page updated - 04 June 2010

 This report first appeared in the Cornard News Newsletter


Were Babergh Councillors duped into accepting this site?


(Click photo for large image)


The photograph shows one of the few green spaces left in Cornard which will now be destroyed if the Carsonís Drive development goes ahead. Persimmonís landscape appraisal failed to point out that buildings on the site will dominate a large section of Cornard and blot out the green field backdrop to this part of the village.  This development will destroy forever the outstanding and cherished views over the Special Landscape Area; it will also ruin the heritage views of this quintessential Suffolk landscape so memorably depicted by Thomas Gainsborough all those years ago.


The Local Plan Inspector produced a shoddy report full of errors, poor judgments and bogus arguments. I assume, along with many others, that he was working to a hidden agenda when he proposed the 170 house Carsons Drive site. Most of our local representatives were barred from voting this development out of the Local Plan and in a desperate bid to keep it in, Babergh Officers gave assurances that the traffic problems would be resolved and that the development would be well designed and nestle into the wider landscape. Persimmonís own landscape consultants stated that the development would be contained within the 45 metre contour and Persimmonís plans of the proposal showed houses at the higher levels would be no more than 7 metres high.


Persimmonís detailed planning application now not only shows large family houses at the higher levels, some above the 45 metre contour line, but also shows blocks of flats. All their former commitments have been totally abandoned. The Persimmon traffic consultants have produced a report showing that there will be no problems and minimal traffic generated by the development. What nonsense!  The traffic assurances given by officers to Babergh Members have been ignored by Persimmon and it seems that they are only out to make a fast buck at our expense.


This development is, in reality, visually far too dominant and the development traffic is not being directed onto Shawlands Avenue in a safe manner as promised. I sincerely hope that officers will recommend refusal, but regardless of that, let us hope Councillors will have the courage to boot out this totally unacceptable planning application. Obviously Persimmon Homes cannot be trusted to produce a satisfactory development complying with the officersí assurances; therefore any appeal by Persimmons must be vigorously contested and then this site should be erased from the framework document. On reflection councillors will recognise that this development site was a huge error of judgment and now is the time to put matters straight.