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Letter to Babergh - Paula Stevens

Page updated - 23 March 2010


 The following letter from Paula Stevens has been sent to Babergh District Council (BDC) for their attention.



Land East of Carsons Drive, Great Cornard, Sudbury

Planning Application No: B/10/00094/FUL

170 Dwellings


Dear Councillor,

I have read with utter dismay that Babergh Council are favourably considering the planning application for the land east of Carsons Drive.

I wish to object most strongly to this.

A hundred. And. Seventy. Houses.

But this is not an addition to the community of one hundred and seventy people. This is an addition of around 500 people.
500 people who will probably own over 200 cars. So at least 200 more cars will be trying to use the junctions at either end of Sheepshead Road - this has been estimated at 1000+ traffic movement A DAY. The A134 junction has been identified already as a hazardous and dangerous junction by Suffolk Highways.

Where will their children go to school, with the prospect of closure of the Middle School?

My main concern however is the destruction of historic sites, with Gainsborough's  landscape views being covered in concrete and brick in the name of 'progress'. Abbas Hall, of which we should all be proud as a Grade 1 listed building should be, as it is now, its vista unscarred - not overwhelmed by an
estate. This area is one of Special Landscape Interest. Does that mean nothing?

Over the years Great Cornard has grown from a quiet satellite village to an overdeveloped area, with much unsympathetic building in an attempt to address a shortage of housing. This shortage no longer exists; new houses are remaining unsold, while the population has been assured that there will be no more inappropriate development. This is one chance to say 'no'. Let us preserve what historic connections we have, let's not dishonour our historic predecessors, let's try to find ways to enhance the area by replacing bad or unused sites in Great Cornard with good.

Yours sincerely

Paula Stevens