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Carsons Drive Development - Opposition

Page updated - 18 March 2010

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Tony Harman - 03 Dec 2009


Write to Babergh stating your Objections - A brief guide on writing an objection. Also has a brief summary of potential objections.

Full List of Potential Objections - A more complete list of potential objections to this, largely, unwanted proposed development.

Email received dated 18 Mar 2010 

Having attended the meeting last night, it was obvious that there is still huge opposition to this development.

I made the point and would like to add again that the housing stock locally and nationally exceeds the demand to the extent that the government have recently lowered the quantity of housing required in the region. Also, I understand that a lot of new properties on the other Persimmon site off the Bures Road remain unsold.

What is the point of this further destruction to our countryside? Added to this there were several far more specific issues ably raised by other attendees which I hope you have got noted.

Kieron Warren - De Greys Close


Email received dated 17 Mar 2010 

I have just come from the meeting at the Stevenson Centre about the Carsons Drive development.

I have never been to such a meeting before but feel very strongly about the development. Many questions were put forward to the local parish council but none answered, many more like myself were angry but it would seem to me that if the local council cannot help where do you go be heard.

Do people have a say anymore ???

From a very confused member of the public.

Mr N Younger


Email received dated 17 Mar 2010

I strongly object to the proposed development of the land to the East of Carsons Drive.

There are some fine walks and excellent views of the countryside that would be ruined if this development is allowed to proceed. In addition the roads around the area, in particular Sheepshead Hill, cannot cope with the increased amount of traffic that would be imposed on them, without modifications that would simply result in the loss of yet more countryside. There are plenty of brown field sites in the area that would benefit from development without yet more countryside being swallowed up in the urban sprawl.
Cliff Sargeant


Email received dated 11 Feb 2010 

I have just heard that the damaging and inept development of 170 houses at the bottom of Sheepshead Hill is being activated. Apparently a planning application has been submitted, but it is incomplete and Babergh will not formally register it until the missing elements are added. The developer is one of the biggest in the country and I cannot believe that this situation has arisen through incompetence.  It is much more likely that the well-known access problem onto Sheepshead Hill & Shawlands Avenue is causing the hold-up and the developer was hoping to delay confronting this issue until after a ‘staging of the development’ was approved, thereby forcing a compromise. I am pleased that Babergh appears to be taking a proper view of the formalities and will not try and ram this development onto the residents of Great Cornard.

Name & Email Address supplied


Email from Lewis dated 29 Nov 2009

My wife and I are totally against this development . At the exhibition (Stevenson Centre) we were told by one of the presenters that it was now to late for objections. It will put added strain on the local roads, local transport, schools, medical services and the town parking. 170 houses equates to at least 170 cars. There is no proposal to run a bus service onto that estate. The entrance to Sheepshead Hill will have to be moved and it is not clear cut whether traffic lights will be installed or a Mini roundabout. Fat lot of good that would  be. 90% of the drivers go straight over them anyway. As the town stands at the moment  it is not truly able to to copy with further developments.



Email from J S Lawrence dated 25 Nov 2009

I wish to express my opposition to the Carsons drive development. I strongly object to an outside inspector overruling the local plan and spoiling a historic view. I therefore request that as our elected representatives you do every thing in your power to stop this.

J S Lawrence.


Email from Eugene dated 25 Nov 2009

I live on Sheepshead Hill and I am very concerned about the proposed build.



Email from Heather Kelly dated 24 Nov 2009

I cannot believe that they really want to build yet more houses in Great Cornard.  Not only will it destroy yet more countryside for the sake of another housing estate but we don't have the facilities.  A couple of small shops, pubs and schools are not enough for this every growing community.  The roads are not able to take the extra traffic and why should Great Cornard lose yet more of its lovely countryside to make money for developers and others that will gain financially from this.  I cant help but think that if it was in Lavenham, Long Melford or one of the other more affluent areas such a development would not even be considered.  Yet again Great Cornard loses out to developers and people who will make money from such a development.  The only people who lose out are the people of Great Cornard.


We really should save this site.  It is shameful that some people are willing to allow this development.  It's as if Great Cornard doesn't matter.  The fact that this area is known for the paintings of Gainsborough and Constable means that it should be saved for future generations.  One cramped housing estate is much like another - once this land is destroyed it is gone forever and yet another piece of history is lost!

Heather Kelly 


Email received dated 23 Nov 2009

We as a family worry that when developments are proposed are they fully researched?  For example I live to this proposed development, the field area close to our house is quite high and we feel that this will put the housing further down the hill at risk of flooding when we have high rainfall, this
is likely to happen with the changes in the weather experienced across the country. There are houses 'To Let' all over the area, not enough houses are
being bought do we really need this new development?  there certainly does not seem to be a shortage of housing in the Sudbury/Cornard area.

Name & Email Address supplied


Email P M Lawrence dated 23 Nov 2009

I wish to express my opposition to the Carsons drive development. I strongly object to an outside inspector overruling the local plan and spoiling a historic view. I therefore request that as our elected representatives you do every thing in your power to stop this.

P M Lawrence