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Dennis Adams - Letter to Babergh

Page updated - 21 March 2010


 The following letter from Dennis Adams has been sent to Babergh District Council (BDC) for their attention.


My wife and myself attended the meeting at the Stevenson Centre on 17th March 2010 and feel very strongly that the views of the community are being ignored whilst the developer is not addressing issues that are of significant concern to people.

To ;  Gareth Durrant  Planning Officer.


I am writing to object to the development of land East of Carsons Drive Great Cornard;  Planning Application B/10/00094/FUL for 170 dwellings.

  •  No consideration has been given to the impact of the surface water outflow from the development. A Lagoon is shown on the plan with a controlled outflow to a watercourse running behind the properties in Davidson Close, 11 dwellings have this watercourse running through their gardens.  This is often overloaded at times of rainfall, additionally the culvert under Prospect Hill is broken and the bank eroded.  The watercourse takes runoff from the field drainage system, adding surface water from a development the size proposed will be disastrous for the houses affected.

  • Local road infrastructure is inadequate for the size of the proposed development. All houses in the Carsons Drive/Kempson Drive catchment only have the single road exit from the estates, any new junction would be inadequate for the traffic that would use it.

  • Local schools are in the midst of change and would be totally unable to cope with the influx of additional intake, leading to a poorer education for all our children in the system.

  • Local employment is not robust enough to utilise the numbers envisaged  living in this development.

  • I support the views expressed by others in regard to this development.

  • This development is Over Development of this area and should be refused.

  • The views of Cornard and local amenities should not be sacrificed for housing development.


Yours sincerely

Dennis Adams