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Page updated - 19 March 2010

Stefan Kosciuszko - 13 November 2009


Write to Babergh stating your Objections - A brief guide on writing an objection. Also has a brief summary of potential objections.

Full List of Potential Objections - A more complete list of potential objections to this, largely, unwanted proposed development.


Carsons Drive Development and Community Self Determination

I am sure that many of you will remember the seriously flawed Local Plan process in 2006 whereby a single individual, namely the appointed Local Plan Inspector, at the request of Persimmon Homes property developers, overturned the considered views, established over several years of evaluation, of the Local Plan Task Force and allocated the beautiful river valley slope above Carsons Drive for a potential housing development of 170 homes.


In doing so the Inspector made a number of errors in his evaluation and did not take account of the negative views of Suffolk County Council Highways concerning traffic generation that this would cause, as well as the strong objections from English Heritage concerning the historic importance of this outstanding landscape as the exact transection of the views of two of Gainsborough’s most important landscape paintings, held at the National Gallery as evidence of their significance for our nation.


Our District Council ignored the petition with over 2000 signatures, as well as over 1000 formal written objections against this development based upon a biased and predetermined officer’s report to Council. This is the stage where a formal planning application has to be approved.


There are now plans being put in place to make a planning application for this site by year-end. The time has now come to raise our voices again. Great Cornard has enough development already in progress and has been treated as a dumping ground for long enough.


Hold your Local Parish and District Councillors to account on this matter. Make your views known by telephone, e-mail and letter and let’s make sure that the voice of the community is heard and acted upon.


For further information and to add your name to an email contact list please click-on the SGCAG email list hyperlink.


Stefan Kosciuszko - Chairman

Save Gainsborough Country Action Group