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Vehicles & Pedestrians in Gt. Cornard

Page updated - 08 July 2012


Wheels & Feet -  Have your say.

Most of us are well aware that the number of vehicles on our planet has increased dramatically over the last few decades and the number is continuing to increase.


Most drivers and most pedestrians are sensible and threat each other with respect. However, there are a number of drivers who feel that they are so important that the Law does not apply to them.


Some seem to 'feel' that driving & parking on the pavement, or footpath, is acceptable. Some cyclists seem to think that riding on the footpath (not Abbas Walk - our only cycle track) is acceptable!


Others seem to think that the white circular speed limit sign with red outer and black lettering is only advisory and a minimum speed limit. This is totally wrong as this is a mandatory sign indicating a MAXIMUM speed which will be dictated by the condition of the road, whether, other road users and any other local condition.


I know it is only a minority who drive like absolute idiots but, it would seem to me that, a large number of drivers are either very close to the MAXIMUM speed limit or are well over the maximum speed limit.


I do NOT believe that speed kills because, obviously, it doesn't. However the majority of accidents are caused by bad judgement with a few accidents caused by an external 'influences' or vehicle failure. What excessive speed will do is exacerbate (make worse) the effect of an accident.


I suppose that I have been lucky, although experience has probably helped in later years, but I have been driving for over 40 years without my vehicle being involved with an accident. Although I have had to 'deal' with several accidents involving people being trapped in their vehicle; some have been unconscious but, as yet, I have not 'lost one' (died on me), yet. In my opinion, bad judgement and excessive speed have been responsible for the severity of the results of these accidents.


There are many 'folks' who have serious concerns regarding vehicles and/or pedestrians. This is either for themselves, their children, their relatives or their friends. There have been several residents that have spoken to me and ALL of them feel very frustrated by, what they 'see' as, the situation. I am prepared to discuss this situation with whoever I feel can 'make a difference' but I really need YOUR input to add weight to my 'campaign'.


Please feel to send me an email by clicking this hyperlink and have your say about the vehicles and pedestrians in and around Great Cornard.


All details giving any indication of the sender will be kept STRICTLY confidential unless you are 'happy' the details are disclosed to any responsible authority. I may have a short-list of areas where some of these concerns have been noted. This list will not have any specific details of vehicles or people but may have the times of day and/or frequency of the concern.


You send me the details and I promise that I will do my utmost to ensure that your concerns are taken seriously.


I have 'lost' a couple of close friends, and a few other friends, as the result of road accidents. Please send me your inputs; I promise I WILL take them seriously. The greater the detail as in where, when, vehicle and even who (if you have that information) will all help in an effort to reduce concern and 'make the roads safer'.


Soon, I hope to be able to add a Facebook link here.


For those who wish to check up on the latest Highway Code click here - Highway Code on-line .


Tony Harman

08 July 2012.