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Sudbury Bus Station

Page updated - 23 January 2016

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REVIEW OF THE MEETING in Sudbury Town Hall on Friday 15 January 2016


Do you have any serious interest in the future of Sudbury? Please read ALL of this review, in context, and NOT just pretend you are reading what you would have liked me to have written.


Firstly, due to other priorities, I have to admit that this was the first Sudbury Bus Station meeting that I have been able to attend but I have been able to 'monitor' some of the 'goings on', albeit, at a 'distance'. By carefully listening to the comments from those who had attended the various meetings regarding the proposed Bus Station changes I had formed the impression that those who SHOULD have been listening, such as the Sudbury Steering Group and others, may have been listening but 'they' certainly were not taking any notice of the comments and concerns expressed. Now, having attended a meeting my impressions, and fears, have been substantiated.


The turn-out - bearing in mind that the meeting was held at a fairly 'awkward' time for very many people - the attendance was amazing with over 200 (possibly 300) people present. From where I sat in the Assembly Room, in the Town Hall, even if I could not see the faces of all of them, I was able to see most of those present, could hear their comments and observe their body-language. Apart from a few 'impartial observers' and 'plants', everyone else in the audience seemed to have a very positive and constructive approach to retaining viable Bus Services and supporting a sustainable town.


From the audience, during the public comment section of the two-hour meeting, there were many serious & heartfelt questions asked, much reasoned argument and many constructive fact-based inputs from the floor. None of the comments and concerns were allowed to influence the 'recommendation' upon which a decision was taken.


The several basic impracticalities of the location being Girling Street, and not Hamilton Road, were totally ignored other than to 'cite' nebulous facts, irrelevant detail and a variety of points that were not unsubstantiated and probably cannot be substantiated. Despite being 'told' that all options were carefully considered before the final three were 'selected', it was blindingly obvious to the large majority of the 'public' that many of the Steering Group had little understanding of the requirements of the bus services and bus users. Also no Steering Group members seemed to actually know the routes taken by the various services, but this not really surprising as most of them do NOT live in Sudbury and none of them seem to use the bus services anyway.


I found the conduct of most of the Steering Group members reminiscent of the 'characters' portrayed in the John Cleese management training films of the 1980's. For those unfamiliar with the films, they were based on style of the sketches in Monty Pythons Flying Circus. The crux of the training films was to over-emphasise the worst styles of management and unacceptable behaviour of managers. During the meeting there were many examples of prima donnas, bullies, intimidators, downright disrespect and a couple of examples of those who had been subjected, and succumbed, to this despicable and disgusting behaviour. Shame on you all.


The selected members of the Sudbury Steering Group should represent the needs of local residents of Sudbury and the surrounding areas for the positive future of the town by supporting the infrastructure for the growth of the retail sector, service industries, leisure and transport. Most of the members are either elected Councillors or have attained a level of responsibility to responsibly represent the residents. Several receive payment from monies 'collected' from local residents; yes US.


To most of those at the meeting, it was blatantly obvious that the decision had been made prior to the meeting and whatever valid points or concerns raised was going to be allowed to alter the bureaucratic box-ticking exercise of recommending Girling Street. The only criteria that the Sudbury Steering Group need to satisfy to represent the residents and businesses is to make the best decision for Sudbury. Sadly, and for various reasons, they have failed and should be deeply ashamed.


However, if you feel there is any fault with my appraisal, you are more than encouraged to contact me with your version. I am very willing to correct any errors in the review: I am not too proud to admit any mistakes I have made as I do not have any hidden agendas or an ego that needs 'plumping'.


Whether you agree or disagree with my review, or have any background information that needs to be shared, please feel free to email me.

Please click here to send me an email .


Tony - www.cornard.info (Webmaster)

20 January 2016




STOP PRESS - (Well almost)

Sorry for the short notice but, only recently, I learnt there is another meeting of the Sudbury Steering Group in the Town Hall at 4pm on Friday 15 January 2016. At the meeting the Sudbury Steering Group will be announcing their recommendations for the future of Sudbury Bus Station. If you have any interest in the bus service in, and around, Sudbury then please try and attend. Also try to ensure that all your questions are answered . . . . even if you have to be really persistent in obtaining a valid answer.


For 'starters' here are just a couple of my concerns to which I need answers:

1. What options were available and who selected these options for consideration.

2. What consultation has there been with the bus-using public, local business owners & service suppliers - Facts not assumptions!


I am given to believe that most of the Steering Group do not use the buses and very few actually live in Sudbury.

If this is true then how can an small unelected, and largely unrepresentative, group have so much influence on local issues.


Tony - 12 January 2016




'ALL CHANGE' is the what you might hear in the bus at the end of the bus route but this time it is the response from the Sudbury Steering Group having had so much adverse feedback to their 'preferred option' of demolishing the current Bus Station for two separate two three-bay pull-ins.


Now, the Steering Group are suggesting 'they' still prefer the two three-bay option - one in Girling Street and the other in Great Eastern Road - but are willing to give further consideration to a new Bus Station near the Kingfisher Leisure Centre.


For those that have not seen the expert report commissioned by Suffolk County Council here is the link:



If the Steering Group can give further consideration to another option from their preconceived 'list of options', perhaps they should be 'persuaded' to actually listen to the bus-using public and the local shop keepers BEFORE they create their list of preferred options?


Yet another inoperable, and out-of-date, 'suggested option' from March 2009 is that of the Sudbury Society and can be viewed at:



When viewing ALL these 'proposed options' they seem to have been 'conceived in isolation' without any consideration of many of the surrounding impacts that would occur if these options were implemented. Also they could be viewed as having been formulated by a number of individuals who obviously do not have a need to rely on the bus services.


Many local 'folks' have concerns regarding any changes to the Sudbury Bus Station and how it would effect us all in and around the Sudbury area. However there are far more people who have very serious concerns regarding the continued loss of retail shops only to be 'replaced' by charity shops.


Surely, it would far better to concentrate on sustaining and increasing the retail outlets and other services in Sudbury before wasting time on considering any changes to the slightly-scruffy but, currently, fully functional Bus Station.


If there is no need for people to use buses to travel to and from Sudbury, there will be no need for a Bus Station.

Could this be the plan?


The following hyperlink will give you another viewpoint that you may find of interest:




Here, possibly for the insomniacs,  is yet another transport related report carried out on 27 & 28 February 2013. Sorry but I do not know the cost to us.




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