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Page updated - 05 September 2009


The new Gas Safe Register came into force on 1 April 2009 and this replaces CORGI as the governing body and gas registration body for all registered gas engineers in the UK. The government has instigated this move therefore all Gas Engineers must be Gas Safe Registered to undertake gas work. Gas engineers may still be Corgi registered as well but being Corgi registered does not permit them to work on any Gas installation.


As a Gas Safe Registered engineer I have come across a lot of confusion about this change and I feel there has been a lack of information and advertising about the change to the new governing body.

All Gas Safe Registered engineers will carry a Photo ID card with there registration details, the ID card also contains details of the areas of gas work they are permitted to work on, this is listed on the back of the Photo ID card.


The one big failing I have also found is that customers do not ask to see the ID Card, they take you at face value that if you say you are registered they accept it usually with out question, unfortunately in to days world not every body tells the truth and there are some people who are working on gas when they are not trained or qualified to do so and this is dangerous, people have died as a result of improper gas installations and servicing.


The Gas Safe Register can be found on-line at www.GasSafeRegister.co.uk all registered engineers details can be checked on this site, the Photo ID Card also has a contact number so you can check the engineer’s details and is also in the phone book.


If you are in any doubt as to the authenticity of the engineer do not allow any work to be undertaken until you have checked, you could be putting yourself, family and neighbours at risk, be safe always use Gas Safe Registered Engineers, look for the new logo.


Les Snow – Local Plumbing & Heating Engineer


06 August 2009