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Page updated - 25 February 2009



As a professional website designer I am well aware of how the Internet can change the way we conduct our business and social lives. This article gives me a chance to highlight one of many trends that could allow you to get more out of the Internet.


Ben Hollinsworth - Local Web Designer

01 Feb 2009



A blog or ‘Web log’ is a casual way of staying up to date with a particular subject, person, event or organisation. Over 100 million blogs exist, so it is safe to say that you will be able to find one for just about any subject that may interest you and, because of their casual nature, well-maintained blogs usually offer interesting reading and media.


Many industry professionals contribute to blogs and therefore they can be a great source of learning. It is also common for people to regularly update their personal blogs with nothing more than standard day-to-day experiences. This can be an enjoyable hobby, especially as friends can comment and build on your thoughts.


It’s easy to quickly build up a large list of blogs that you want to watch. This is where RSS (Really Simple Syndication) becomes an essential tool. Quite simply, you need an RSS reader (modern e-mail software such as Microsoft Outlook usually has one already) then look for a link to ‘Subscribe to the RSS Feed’ (or similar) to have future content updates delivered to you instantly.


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Ben Hollinsworth - Local Web Designer

01 Feb 2009