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Lateral Thinking Puzzle - Petrol

Page updated - 21 February 2005

A Short Lateral Thinking Puzzle by Roger Burden

The same motorist from Great Cornard who we met in the Familiar Face puzzle once started out on a journey to Lands End with only five litres of petrol in his car, intending to purchase more on the way. Somehow or other he reached the destination in his own car, which did not carry any additional supply of petrol, without purchasing, begging, borrowing or even stealing; nor was his vehicle (which was petrol-driven) towed behind, pushed in front of or carried on or in any other vehicle at any time.

So – how did he do it?

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Answer:  If you read the question, you’ll see that I never said that the motorist from Great Cornard started his journey from his home village. In fact, he started from Penzance – about ten miles from Lands End and easily within range on five litres of petrol.