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Numpty's World - An Appeal.

Numpty's World

Page updated - 28 November 2010

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This was emailed to me for inclusion to this website. Thank you kind 'surfer' - Webmaster.


I would like to take this opportunity, if I may, to make a few comments regarding your Numpty's World - Introduction which I presume is about my son Norm..err, or Numpty as he has become known.


I feel I would like to speak up in his defence and, goodness knows, he needs it. It was very difficult raising a child like Numpty - he wasn't like normal children. The day he came downstairs, eating a packet of 'nutless' peanuts and waiting, in a queue on the phone, to speak to the 'Injuries 4U' Lawyers after burning his hand on the gas ring, was a turning point for me. Well, I just felt I had to protect him at all costs.


Despite all my efforts he remains a sad and lonely figure. When he is not 'working'(?) he is cooped up in his bedroom for most of the day, pining for some Floozlum Bird - who I always said was far too flighty for him. Well they say opposites attract.

I hope these comments will give you a bit more insight into Numpty's behaviour and you won't judge him too harshly in future. After all he is only human, isn't he?

Yours protectively,
Numpty's Mummy


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