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A. A. A. D. D. - Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder.


Alternative Dictionary - English Words with other possible meanings.


Alternative Diet - A possible 'alternative' method of losing weight.


Anagrams - Has to be on of the of the cleverest lists around.


Battle of Trafalgar & Numpty - Nelson meets the effect Numpty.


Computer Life - If life was like a computer.


Church Bulletins - Sentences from Church Bulletins or Announcements.


Committee . . . Pity? - A short poem . . . with a degree of 'worrying' truth.


Christmas Tree - A Christmas story for people having a bad day.


Disorder in the Court - Things that have been said in Law Courts.


GCSE Answers - Answers given by UK students during the GCSE exam.


GCSE Q&A 1999 - Questions and some of the Answers given by UK exam students.


George W Bush - Possibly some of his more inspiring moments.


Get Out of My Car - Extreme example of a 'Senior Moment'.


Holiday Complaints - From a survey by Thomas Cook & ABTA.


Hospital Conversation - Actual telephone call, allegedly.


Insurance Claim Forms - True extracts from Insurance Claim Forms.


Kids That Survived - A look-back for all those born before 1980.


Newspaper Headlines - Actual headlines printed in the UK newspapers.


Paraprosdokians - Figures of speech or sentences with an unexpected ending.


Product Warnings - Actual true-life product warnings.


St. Peter and the Devil - Non-partisan joke - politically correct.


Tommy Cooper Jokes - Pearls of humour from a very British Comedian.


Tommy Cooper - More Jokes - More from a very British Comedian.