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Page updated - 19 July 2011

Stour Astronomical Society

Stour Astronomical Society are a friendly group that meet at 7.30 pm on the first Tuesday of every month in the Jubilee Room of Cavendish Memorial Hall, Cavendish, Sudbury, Suffolk for an illustrated talk.

For further information visit the Stour Astronomical Society Website

The Stour Astronomical Society was established in March 2003 by Dr Kevin Marshall and Geoff Burling. Its main aim is to fill a void in the county of Suffolk where there is a lot of interest in astronomy but very few places to go and meet other amateur astronomers. Also members can listen to talks given by expert speakers, receive advice on what equipment you perhaps would like to buy and what to observe in the night sky. Members are drawn from nearby towns and villages in the Stour Valley area. You are very welcome to come along on the first Tuesday of the month to meet fellow amateurs and to deepen your love of the wonders of the night sky. As Visitors & Guests are also welcome, please don’t forget to tell any friends who might also be interested in astronomy! For Contact Details, Talk Schedule, Astronomy Links & other useful information visit the Stour Astronomical Society Website


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