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Ant Zapper

Page updated - 06 June 2010



A mixture of 200ml concentrated lemon juice (the type used on pancakes); 100ml of washing-up liquid (I prefer the Hairy Lip Squid variety) and 700ml of warm water can be a very effective way to ‘remove’ ants. Any volumes in the 2:1:7 ratios will result in the same solution.


Mix the lemon juice and washing-up liquid together. Then SLOWLY add the water to reduce making too many bubbles. The quantities above will make 1 litre of Ant Zapper. Filling the bottle of a second hand sprayer, as found with some cleaning agents, or a ‘plant-mister’ will make the solution easy to apply.


The solution only works on killing the ants on contact but spraying an area will stop ants revisiting the site. Spraying the ant eggs will help reduce the colony. Caution should be exercised on garden plants and near foodstuffs. It works better when the temperature is warm and certain types of ant, usually the ‘red’ ants, seem to be ‘zapped’ instantly never to move again. The others may take a little longer to be ‘zapped’.


The Happy Zapper.

09 May 2010