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Sudbury Toy Library

Page updated - 03 March 2006


Toys Galore !

It must be every child's dream - a room full of fabulous new toys to play with - and you can even take some home!

Sudbury Toy Library is the place to come. The toys range from humble jigsaws and board games to computerised toys, DVDís, audio tapes, baby toys, dressing up clothes, tricycles, slides and other outdoor toys Ö the list goes on.


With Christmas over our members will be looking forward to the Spring and Summer months, when they can borrow the big garden toys at a fraction of cost to buy them, and have different ones every month. Members hosting kids' parties can borrow toys to keep them occupied; we have a pop-up ball pit (with balls!); tents and tunnels, indoor slides, roundabouts and ride-on toys.


The Toy Library works like a traditional library - families, childminders, playgroups or toddler groups can join and then borrow toys from as little as 25p to £1 a month. We cater for children from birth to age 5 but are happy to discuss any special requirements people may have.


At our monthly sessions, children can play with the toys or do some colouring or playdoh, while mum (or dad or whoever) has free cuppa and biscuits. Also have a chat with other parents and our team of friendly volunteers, of which we are always looking for, if you could spare a couple of hours a month we would love to hear from you.


The Toy Library meets on the first Thursday of the month at the Stevenson Centre, our next session is 02 March 2006, from 10 am to 12 noon.  New members are always welcome and can just turn up on the day. To find out more, please phone Lesley Savage on (01787) 372508 or Sue Tyler on (01787) 881418.