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Sudbury Motorcycle Club

Page updated - 06 March 2006


The Sudbury MCC Limited, is primarily an enduro based club, we do occasionally hold motocross races, we are lucky to have some of the top names riding and representing us, some of our members do numerous other sports like trials, roadrace,etc. but choose our club because of the fantastic venues and the social activities.


The Sudbury Motor Cycle Club which was formed nearly 50 years ago. They ran many Scrambles at Tye Farm, Gt. Cornard in the 1960's and Murray Walker commentated at the live BBC Grandstand meeting. The Sudbury Club still run an event at Tye Farm once a year in a form of an event known as a Trail Cross not to be mistaken for the Scramble run by the Pre65 Club.


For further information on events, awards, Club members and contact details please visit the Sudbury Motorcycle Club website