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Friends of St. Peter

Page updated - 05 March 2006

The local contact is Eileen Milner (Booking Secretary) on (01787) 311659

The church of St. Peter, Sudbury, was closed in 1971 and was in danger of being lost to area. In 1976 the Friends of St. Peter (charity no. 271090) was formed with the aim of preserving St. Peter's Church to provide a facility for the local population.


Check the Local Diary and Music at St. Peter's events at St. Peter's.


To date, the Friends of St. Peter have:

  • Rewired the building and installed heating

  • Provided staging, seating, tables, a kitchen and a bookstall

  • Enabled the bells to be rung and cast two new bells

  • Enabled the organ to be played - Organ Details

  • Discovered and refurbished the pictures of Moses and Aaron

  • Curtained off some areas for greater flexibility of use

  • Cared for and cleaned the building to enable its use for services, concerts, organ recitals, craft fairs, horticultural shows, historical exhibitions, art exhibitions, model railway exhibitions, fashion shows etc.

You can help by:

  • Joining the Friends of St. Peter

  • Offering your services and skills to help us in our work

  • Attending events held in St. Peter's Church

  • Organising an event in St. Peter's Church

Thanking you for your support.


Roger Green

Chairman of the Friends of St. Peter