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Samaritans - Gt. Cornard Area

Visit Samaritans (UK) Website

Page updated - 11 March 2007


Need to talk to someone?

Visit us at 12, Vineyard Street, Colchester or

( 01206 561234

8 jo@samaritans.org

: www.samaritans.org/colchester


Who will listen?

The Samaritans will listen, 24 hours a day, every day of the year - Tel: 01206 561234

Samaritans is open to everyone who distressed and despairing, not just those who feel suicidal. If you ever feel the need to speak to someone, in confidence, then call us on 01206 561234 or visit Colchester Samaritans website.



We need more volunteers.

Samaritans Colchester need more volunteers. men and those with daytime availability are especially needed.

Please telephone 01206 561234 or visit Colchester Samaritans website.