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Page updated - 23 February 2009



My name is Gavin Hodge and I have recently taken over as Food ‘n’ Friends Officer at Age Concern Suffolk. My new role at Age Concern involves setting up Food & Friends Clubs – effectively miniature lunch clubs – around the county to enhance the lives of older members of the community, especially those living alone. Click the hyperlink to visit the Age Concern page on this website.


The aim is for a Club to be held at least once a month. Each Club is run by its own host accompanied by a volunteer, usually in the host’s private home, and refreshments are provided on a non-profit-making basis with the clients paying a small sum to the host to cover the cost of food and drink provided. Clubs can also be held in a church hall or other public building if it is more convenient. If more than one host can be found in a village then the Club could meet at different venues and the role of hosting could be shared around.


There is quite a bit of flexibility in how a Club is run. The host could provide just coffee and biscuits if that suits people best, or soup and a sandwich, or a light three-course lunch at a cost of around £3.50 per head. It is up to the host what type of refreshments would be offered, and the host effectively takes ownership of the club under Age Concern Suffolk’s umbrella. We can provide Public Liability insurance, plus advice and support, and suitable recipes if required. We can also help find potential clients if required. Accordingly I am seeking potential hosts for Food ‘n’ Friends clubs around the county, and of course, in Great Cornard.


I work on the Food & Friends project on Thursday and Friday each week and my contact details at Age Concern Suffolk are 01473 298686 or you can email Gavin Hodge . Click the hyperlink to visit the Age Concern page on this website.


Gavin Hodge – Food’n’Friends Officer

Age Concern Suffolk - 01 February 2009