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Page updated - 01 May 2010



I have recently been diagnosed as having Coeliac Disease and now need to follow a Gluten free diet. My biggest problem is finding somewhere to eat out in Cornard & Sudbury. I have tried a few places but so far have only found one eating-place who is trying to accommodate my dietary needs.


I'm sure there are many other Coeliacs who have been having the same problem. What I would like to do, if there isn't one already, is to form a local support group, where we could exchange our experiences and knowledge of a Gluten free diet and if necessary target some of the eating venues in the surrounding area to persuade them to add Gluten Free to their menus.


If you think you would be interested in joining me to achieve this, please contact me either by phone on (01787) 310699 or by clicking here to send me an email.


Many thanks for taking the time to read this and please try and ‘check-out’ this Coeliac Awareness page regularly as there will be more information added here as I get it. Also there will be contact details and hyperlinks to other information pages on this and other websites.


Jean Coe – Recently Diagnosed Coeliac