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. . but you don't look ill

Page updated - 09 June 2011



. . but you don't look ill'


Cheerful support for anyone with 'hidden' illness in and around the Sudbury area (or even further afield)


So, if you have (click the underlined blue hyperlinks for more information):

Arthritis -

Coeliac Disease -

Colitis (Ulcerative) -

Crohn’s Disease -

Diabetes -

Fibromyalgia -


Lupus -

Lyme Disease -


Nephrotic Syndrome -

Neurological Disorder -

Sjogren’s Syndrome -

Thyroid Disorder -

or any other 'invisible' chronic condition, get in touch!


We meet on the second Thursday of the month in Stevenson Centre, Great Cornard, Sudbury. CO10 0WD.


Drop in any time between 1pm and 3pm. A small donation of £1 is requested towards the hire charge for the room.


You can click the hyperlink to contact us by email or you can call Victoria on (mobile) 07950 436 584.


For the next meeting date please clink the hyperlink for the Local Diary page.