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These reports first appeared in the Cornard News Newsletter

November 2010

The thing I like about this time of year is the lovely colours that form on the trees, golden reds and orange some of it is breathtaking and as I was walking through the Country Park these colours were uppermost in my thoughts. THEN I was back in the real world; one of the picnic tables had been stolen!   YES stolen.!!!!  Cut off with a saw and four stumps left sticking up. Bearing in mind these are very heavy why on earth anybody would want to go to all that trouble beats me!  Anyway, the upshot of the ‘exercise’ is that the Parish Council will now have to replace the table with a new one at the taxpayer’s expense, £140 plus fitting. That’s you and me, by the way. I’m sure this will fall on deaf ears but I hope the people responsible [Not the word I would use – Ed.] realise this kind of vandalism affects us all.


Now back to my other gripe the Stevenson Centre field. I have to report the broken glass situation if anything is worse now than ever before. Most mornings the centre shelter looks like there has been a bottle smashing competition taking place. I’m sure the residents must hear the noise and I for one would be very annoyed if I lived there. We have also had reports of older youths buying alcohol for younger kids. 


The Dog Watch Scheme is gaining momentum and we now have about 17 volunteers in Cornard and that’s good because there are still some areas that I have noted and they will be patrolling on a daily basis. One of those places is the footpath that runs parallel with the cemetery to Pot Kiln School. The owner of that dog knows who I mean. 


We have been fortunate to have been given a donation to buy a high pressure Graffiti washer by a local business woman who I’m glad to say is passionate regarding keeping where we live clean and tidy.  We have used it in the town centre and I must say I was impressed with the way it cleaned the brickwork, we can use it in Cornard when problems arise.


Hope I haven’t been too hard on you this time. Hope you enjoyed the various firework displays and stayed safe. I look forward to seeing some of you at the Stevenson Centre Christmas party. You might recognise me - I will be the one in the red suit.


Andy Nunny – Community Warden


August 2010

So is it that time again for my usual moaning and ranting?

Yes, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I feel like the lead role in the grumpy old men saga! It’s the same old story at Recreation Ground (Rec.) with litter, broken bottles, dog ‘poo’, etc. all over the field every morning.


Now when I turn up there and the early morning summer sun is shining, I think what a lovely open space we have here - only to be blighted by morons that tend to think that drinking and generally making a noise is what its all about. I really feel sorry for the residents that live around the Rec. I know of their frustrations because they often speak to me regarding this.


As most of you know, I pick the broken glass and rubbish up, but personally I believe that police patrols should be stepped up in the summer months. Lets see if we can get this on an agenda and really deal with the problem.


Well its not all moaning and ranting.  We are still looking for even more volunteers for our Dog Watch Scheme. Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer can contact me via Cornard Parish Council or the Town Hall or don’t be scared you can ask me in person if you see me. Dog fouling is still high on my agenda. I have recently put new dog fouling signs up at both entrances of the Country Park. Please abide by them. I am always available to hand out dog bags.


Sadly the car boot season on the Recreation Ground has come to a close. We had some really good Saturdays especially as the weather was kind to us.


Through the summer months there is a lot of partying and drinking in the Country Park and dog walkers have informed me of this especially in ‘the copse’. I had a look last week and there is lots of evidence of this.  Be assured it will be cleared up and I have asked the pcso’s to keep a check on the situation.


A couple of weeks ago some ‘little rascals’ had a firework display on the Rec. The fireworks were the display type and not the ones you can buy in the shops. It was horrendous for the residents, but all is not lost as they left a name and address with the abandoned shells. I sent pictures to the authorities at Babergh and, at a meeting on the 10 Aug, gave them a statement.


That’s all for now folks. Hope I wasn’t too hard on you. Ninety-nine percent of you are really great we just have to stick together and educate the others.


See you next time; enjoy the rest of the summer.


Andy Nunny – Community Warden


May 2010

The light summer evenings are now back with us isn’t it nice - no not really!!!!


We can’t go out for a pleasant walk and enjoy ourselves because there is litter, broken glass and worst of all piles of dog poo on play areas and open spaces. We don’t deserve nice open spaces because most people just seem to think it’s OK and not enough people really seem to care about where we live.


I visited Cornard Middle School in the first week of May 2010 and talked to Year Seven pupils regarding dog fouling and the law, and I must say I was very pleased with the response from the three classes I spoke to.


The way forward I think is to educate the children and the younger the better - they seem to know what’s required and the feedback I get is very encouraging.


We have the Dog Watch Scheme ‘up and running’ now in Great Cornard with some twelve volunteers sponsored by Great Cornard Parish Council and Sudbury Town Council. These people wear Hi-Vis tops and carry a bag with all sponsor’s logos on. Inside they carry dog bags and biscuits and can approach other dog walkers if they are not ‘picking up’ after their dogs. We are trying this for a six month period to see if there is any improvement. If any volunteer has any confrontation with members of the public, the police who are in on the scheme, will be notified so those of you out there who are not acting responsible; be aware.


Another gripe of mine as you must know is litter. [Not a gripe but a valid observation from what I have seen – Ed.] I walk around the Rec (Recreation Ground) every morning and litter pick and check everywhere. That’s OK but the other day a group of Upper School pupils had their lunch near the shelter and must have been scared of the waste bin because all their food packaging was on the grass. I photographed the scene, put all the rubbish in a black bag and took it back to the Upper School where I informed Mr. Foley’s staff. The outcome was that I talk to the School Assembly and, as I write this report, I can’t wait.


Apart from that everything is fine and rosy in Great Cornard, so see you soon.


Andy Nunny - Community Warden


February 2010

My job as Community Warden enables me to meet lots of people and I enjoy that side of my work. My strengths are communicating with the public on a day-to-day basis, whether it be handing out dog bags or trying to get something done through my contacts at Babergh or Suffolk County Council. Lots of people know me now and that’s a good thing. I am very approachable and I have been trained well. I think most people see me as a helpful figure and that’s the way I like to be known.


Anyway must move on, it’s been one of the coldest winters for many years and we have had problems with the ice. We were able to get grit from the depot at Lavenham at first but after a while County only had stocks for the ‘A’ and ‘B’ roads. I saw a few elderly folks struggle with the conditions and helped when I could. It was nice to see the youngsters sledging downhill in the Country Park. Incidentally, I got stuck on ice at the Allotment Car Park and a couple of lads got me going. Thanks guys! Hopefully now we have seen the worst of the cold weather but you never know.


Valerie Weavers of the Allotment Association invited me to speak on the 25 Jan 2010 regarding my work as Community Warden. The meeting was held at the Stevenson Centre and we had a good response so thanks for that. We have put a new vandal-proof dog bin in at Hartest Way and so far they haven’t been able to take the bags out and throw them all over the road. These bins cost us taxpayers more - but it is the only way at present.


We still have dog fouling issues in Cornard especially the footpaths and the Stevenson Centre Field. Please act responsibly. I know most of you do but the small minority make it bad for the others and I have always got dog bags on board. Litter is still a problem but it seems we are a nation of untidy litterers!!!


Anyway to finish on a lighter note we had a very good Christmas Party at the Stevenson Centre for the Senior Citizens. I think it was probably the most enjoyable one we have had so far. They had the school children from Cornard Middle School. They were great and joined in. The dancing was spectacular!! Thanks to every one who attended especially, Father Christmas.


See you in the spring.

Andy Nunny - Community Warden


August 2009

Hi Cornardians. Sorry I missed the summer issue but when you get to my age it’s difficult to remember one week to the next!


My first rant is the Rec (Recreation Ground), or the Stevenson Centre playing field - actually ‘wreck’ is more appropriate because every morning that is just what it looks like - a complete wreck. There is so much litter, bottles, cans and worst of all broken glass near the shelter. I have done my best to clear up but the football season starts soon and somebody is going to get hurt really badly!  I cannot stress the importance I put on this matter also a child playing there or even a dog will be badly cut. The youths that drink alcohol, and we all know they are. Mostly are under age, sit in the shelter most evenings binge drinking. I’m sure the residents living around the field must hear the noise. Maybe we can speak to the pcso and have a higher visibility. But first we must stop selling alcohol to youths.


My next rant is Carsons Drive and the road leading round to the Hedgerows. I’m surprised that there hasn’t been a fatality on this stretch of road with the boy racers speeding along there. I have spoken to the residents there and I am trying to get some publicity and a petition. Watch this space!

I wish I could do more to help but I know that there are still good responsible people in Cornard and we have to work together on this!


Enjoy the rest of the summer. Has it stopped raining yet?

Andy Nunny - Community Warden


February 2009

Well, as I write this it's February. What happened to Christmas? . . . . Doesn't time fly!!


I hope all you Cornardians are fit and well. Spring is on the way and shrubs and trees will be blooming - and it will cover up all the lovely litter on the ground!! We are still a nation of litterbugs and it isn't clever. Please please spread the word - if you can't find a bin then take it home with you. Thank you.


We have had a lot of dog fouling complaints since I last spoke to you. The worst areas are around Pot Kiln School, Chelsworth Avenue, Hawthorne Road, to mention a few. I am patrolling these areas on a daily basis and if anyone is seen letting their dog foul without picking it up - they will be given a fixed penalty fine of up to £100. So please be careful.


My colleague, Bradley Smith and I now have access to a Council Speed Gun that we will use at various times throughout the year. Vehicles are still travelling much too fast, especially in built up areas. We can’t tell you where or when we will be about but do keep an eye out for us. Be warned, if you are exceeding the speed limit we may ‘clock’ you before you ‘clock’ us.


On a brighter note, to finish, we all enjoyed the Christmas party at the Stevenson Centre on December 12th. Thank you to all the organisers, although it seems like a long time ago now.


Just one final plea, Please Keep Cornard Clean !!


See you in the summer!!

Andy Nunny - Community Warden


November 2008

This is the time of year when we all feel a little sad. Summer is over - hang on a minute - we didn’t have any summer! Never mind it will soon be Christmas - what joy!!.  Anyway I must say that Cornard is looking a whole lot better in these autumn mornings especially the glorious colours.


Still no news on the Hedgerows regarding the speed bumps or flashing sign I shall continue to press the subject as I feel strongly about this play area. The cemetery is looking much better now with the gates being moved back and new walls. It will be nice when its finished, hopefully before Christmas.


The Allotment Car Park contractors have finished and didn’t cause too much mess on the field. We have had a few complaints regarding dog fouling around Pot Kiln Road at the ‘top end’. I have put fouling signs up and I am patrolling the area regularly also the ‘Rec’ at the Stevenson Centre. If you exercise your dog here then ‘Please pick it up!!’


Various footpaths in Cornard are unsightly, lots of litter especially the area around Stannard Way. Please take your rubbish home or put in the waste bins, don’t be scared once you have done it once you will be surprised how easy it is. Keep Cornard clean!!

Andy Nunny - Community Warden


August 2008

I think the best thing about the summer months is that the vegetation is thick, lush and green, and you can’t see all the litter that is hidden behind the bushes!  Seriously, I am finding it harder than ever to clear litter, especially from the surrounding schools. Every morning the shelter, near The Stevenson Centre, is full of broken glass and the play area is also very bad. I have spoken to the proprietor of the Shop in Broom Street and he assures me he hasn’t been selling any alcohol to under age youths but I am still finding beer cans, bottles and carrier bags, all from the shop. 


On a recent visit to Dublin, I noticed there are no free carrier bags given away and as a result less litter. It doesn’t take a lot of getting used to by just taking your own re-usable bags with you every time you go to the shop!  In my van I have collected hundreds of carrier bags, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like one.


On the Recreation Ground there is still lots of dog fouling. We have now installed CCTV cameras, around the Stevenson Centre and the situation will be monitored from now on. So beware we can prosecute on the evidence that we receive from the cameras.


Blackhouse Lane toilets are now open to the public from 8.00 to 5.00 weekdays; Allotment Holders please note.  Also new gates to the allotment car park have been installed which is an improvement.  The allotments are looking nice, and I am there every day to check it out.


Highbury Barn footpath is a problem area. Suffolk County Council only cut it once a year. I myself clean up regularly, dog fouling, litter etc. Parents have to walk their small children to school along that lane, so we should take more pride in the area.  Perhaps I could have a word with Cornard Parish Council, to provide more regular cleaning, as I seem to be the only person who takes any interest. 


Hedgerows Play Area. I am monitoring this area every day.  We had a problem a few weeks ago when someone padlocked the children’s swings together so I had to put that right. The residents and children were not amused.


At The Drift, there is often a lot of litter around the Co-op area. I have spoken to the manager and he assures me that he and his staff are doing their best to keep the area clean. I shall monitor this.


Also I have spoken with Suffolk County Council Highways, regarding the overhanging branches on the footpath at The Drift. They have put it on their agenda, and hopefully this will be done soon. I will check this out.


I know I’ve been moaning a lot, but that’s the way it is, there is a lot to be achieved. We all need to take more responsibility to keep Cornard clean and tidy.


But on a brighter note, we had a wonderful ‘eco’ day at Pot Kiln School on 17 June 2008. Bradley Smith and myself spent the whole day at the school with the children, teaching them the importance of recycling and looking after our environment. We had a poster competition, and book tokens were given out on Thursday 17 July 2008 at Assembly, gratefully funded by Great Cornard Parish Council & Sudbury Town Council. A big ‘Thank You’ to Marion who organised the day for us. Pictures were in the Suffolk Free Press.


Hope you had a good summer break, see you in the autumn.

Andy Nunny - Community Warden


February 2008

I trust you all had a good Christmas!   It seems like yesterday, although now we are nearer Easter, where does the time go! Anyway that is enough frivolity for now. As many of you may know, we are now two, in the guise of Bradley Smith, who joined on Jan 1st; he is a lot younger than me so treat him gently!!  We now have two vehicles fully adorned with the community warden logos, so we are very visible. Bradley was chosen from eight candidates, because of his enthusiasm towards the community, and as I was one of the people that interviewed him he was always my choice. We can now cover a lot more area.

We have been working in Cornard a lot since Christmas. As members of the public will know we still have a problem with dog fouling especially around the Stevenson Centre. We are there every day so be warned!  We are moving cars off the grass verges that are illegally parked and also cars for sale on the grass. Litter is also a big problem but now there are two of us we can clear up quicker!

We will start visiting schools this term and hope to get to all of them. Fixed Penalty Notices are still ongoing and we are hopeful we will be able to enforce by springtime. Lets work together and Keep Cornard Clean - we are watching!  Bye for now.

Andy Nunny - Community Warden


November 2007

Where did summer go!  Not that we had much of one but suddenly it’s that time of year again with dark late afternoons and Christmas music in all the shops. Still we Cornardians are a hardy bunch and we thrive on it. So down to the nitty-gritty. 


I must sound like an old record but things don’t seem to change - lots of litter etc - especially on Shawlands Avenue but mostly near the Stevenson Centre. The new shelter is a magnet for litter. Those of you that see me every morning ask me do I get fed up with picking it up and the answer is ‘Yes’, but I don’t let it get me down. Perhaps if the shop didn’t give the pupils a carrier bag every time, it would help - we will have to see. Babergh District Council have new contractors, English Landscape, in place now so hopefully things will improve.


A new Community Warden will soon be in place to assist me. So in the New Year so Watch out! ; there will be TWO of us. I think we are unique in Cornard and Sudbury to have this facility, even if I wasn’t doing this job I would feel the same. It’s a matter of taking an interest in where you live. I have visited many countries and the feeling I get is they are proud of where they live, and I agree we should all try a bit harder. Anyway that’s how I feel.


I was glad to see how many of you came to the firework display on Nov 3 well done to the Scouts and all who helped. Merry Christmas to you all and see you in the springtime!

Andy Nunny - Community Warden


August 2007

Its the time of year when schools are on holiday, the sun is shining and the nights are light for longer, this usually equals more litter, graffiti and vandalism!!  So please try and clear up after you, especially when you leave the rec.

We had the Cornard Parish Council van broken into recently, causing a lot of damage and cost that we will all have to pay for in our taxes.

Also those people who think it is cool to break glass bottles on the grass near the new shelter, remember the football season starts soon and it might be a cousin, friend, brother or uncle that falls and cuts their leg open. Drink the drink fine, but don’t break the bottle. Please put it in the bin provided.

Also the industrial waste bin on Blackhouse Lane was set on fire last week!  Council-tax payers will now have to pay for a new one to be installed. Please don’t play with matches it ain’t cool!!!

On a brighter note, we will be installing two new dog bins and one new waste bin in Abbas Walk before the holidays are over and I will be keeping an eye on them as I do all the other bins.

I have spoken to the horticulture department re overhanging branches, bushes etc on footpaths throughout Cornard and I have been told that they will get round to cutting them soon. I am trying on the public’s behalf, I promise you. In particular, the footpath alongside the Highbury Barn, when I spoke to Suffolk County Council,  to my amazement I was told  ‘it gets cut once a year’ so you can see the problem!  We are happy to see it was cut, but they left all the litter behind. I rang and complained in no uncertain terms, but I was told it’s not their job to pick up litter as well. So I did it myself!

Anyway if you read this article, I hope you have a nice summer (what’s left of it!)  and PLEASE if you have a  dog pick up after it!  Please walk over the sports fields but use the bin for litter, or take it home with you! Together lets try to keep Cornard clean and tidy.

Andy Nunny - Community Warden


May 2007

I’ve had a lot of residents complain to me about the dog fouling around the Stevenson Centre, on areas where young children are playing and I have seen it myself. I know the majority of you are responsible because I hand out the dog bags. So please, those people that don’t care whether a child falls into dog excrement and becomes ill, please think again. I would like to catch somebody. It’s not the dog’s fault; it’s the irresponsible owners.


It’s nice to see the new shelter on ‘The Rec’ (Recreation Ground) being used. I see it as a magnet for more litter and bottles. There is a bin attached, please use it, and take extra care with bottles as there is a football pitch next to it. I will empty the bin on my weekly round.


Will Cornard School pupils please use the waste bins at lunchtime. The Rec is a lovely place to sit and have your lunch especially during the nice weather. Please be responsible and help the planet. We have two full time Community Police Officers patrolling the area on a shift basis, so hopefully we together can sort out some of the problems that I know we have here in Cornard.


I am going out weekly with Daniel Whymark from Babergh DC checking on the area. We are picking up on various litter hot spots, one being Abbas Walk. We need at least two more waste bins and one more dog bin in that area. I have put this forward to the Great Cornard Parish Council to see whether we can budget for them as everything is all about money.


I have managed to get the Co-op in The Drift to purchase a Waste Bin outside the store and they are now litter picking the front and side of shop daily. They will also be removing the graffiti from the walls and I shall monitor this. I caught the person who was putting bags of cat litter in the public waste bins and hopefully that has now stopped. Cat litter should be wrapped up and put in your black bins.


Please don’t put your vehicles for sale on the grass. It is an offence to sell your car on Babergh land and they will be removed within 24 hours. We have had problems at the Shawlands Retail Park with ‘boy-racers’ and associated noises. The owners and Babergh DC are discussing the problem and hopefully will soon be able to tackle the problem.

Andy Nunny - Community Warden


February 2007

I hope everyone had a nice Xmas and I wish you all a happy New Year. Since the last time I wrote, disappointingly, things seem to have deteriorated regarding litter, dog fouling and small amounts of fly tipping. The footpath alongside the Highbury Barn is a disgrace with graffiti, dog fouling, litter and food packaging. I know parents walk through there every day with their children, and it would depress me if I had to walk along there. The answer is not litter picking every week! It is not to drop the litter and not allow dogs to foul the footpath.

Please take some pride in where we live. I am now going out once a week with Daniel Whymark who works for Babergh DC Waste Management and we are checking on the worst areas. We have also had dialogue and meetings with Cleanaway to try and keep Cornard clean. But it’s you, the people that live
here, who can make the difference! I’m doing what I can and I still believe it’s a good and worthwhile job. I shall be visiting the schools in Cornard shortly regarding all these matters and I look forward to that.

In closing please be a responsible person regarding the environment!

Andy Nunny - Community Warden


November 2006

Recently, I have been on a course on behalf of the Parish Council, to get more powers to deal with people for dropping litter, graffiti, dog-fouling etc. Hopefully this will deter people from doing this.


Over the last few months there have been concerns with pupils from the Upper and Middle schools having their lunch on the Recreation Ground at the Stevenson Centre and dropping litter. This is a lovely place to sit and have lunch but please use the bins provided as I shall be patrolling at lunch times to keep an eye out for offenders.


I have also been on a visit to the Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) at Great Blakenham. This was a very interesting visit and in light of global warming we should all take extra special care and recycle all our waste. I have seen, first hand, what will happen if we do not take responsible action and within the next five years this landfill site will be full. There will be no room for any more waste. For any more information, contact me at the Town Hall and I will be able to help advise on what & how to recycle. There are leaflets available on this subject and small tours of the site are possible.


Remember this is for our future and our children's future. So please try and get involved!


Have a Happy Christmas and don't forget to recycle your cards and wrapping paper. To compost your real Christmas tree, take it to the Poplar Road Bring Site by 9pm on Sunday 7 January 2007.

Andy Nunny - Community Warden


May 2006
Since starting my role as Community Warden in June 2004, I knew that the biggest problem I would face would be litter and dog fouling and that has certainly been the case. As I approach my second full year as Warden, I think everyone of us has a responsibility to help and make a difference to the town and countryside that we live in and, as summer approaches, isn’t it nicer when everywhere looks clean, green and TIDY.

On April 2006, new legislation was passed called the Neighbourhood and Clean Environment Act that give local councils more powers to deal with the offenders, such as fines. This year I will have more powers. So please take note.

In March 2006, we had a Suffolk Clean Up Campaign, which I took to the Schools in the area.  I went out with Year 9 from Cornard Middle School and we litter picked and cleaned up the far side of the field.  A large number of ‘dog poo’ bags had been thrown into a bush; I collected over 60 bags!  If you are taking the trouble to put the ‘dog poo’ into a bag, please put it in the bins provided. Anyway WELL DONE to the school for helping and showing an interest in the environment and to Caretaker Peter Scrivener for his help.

BIN VANDALISERS - Every time someone burns out a bin, it costs the taxpayer (that’s most of us) about £100 to replace. Please act responsibly and leave the bins alone.

Please – Keep Britain Tidy & Have a Nice Summer !!!

Andy Nunny - Community Warden


February 2006
Hello Gt. Cornardians, firstly, I must begin by saying the litter situation isn’t going to improve if we are not going to be more responsible.  Broom Street always looks a mess. I sometimes despair; there is a waste bin right outside the shop! Surely if something is purchased at the shop and it has to be eaten immediately, please put the paper in the bin. It doesn’t take long and the pavement looks so much better. I know most of us are responsible but as you know it only takes a small minority.

Wells Hall Road is just the same. I understand when parents collect their children from school they sometimes give them sweets. Please parents make sure the paper goes in the bin or pockets until there is a bin to put it in. It looks so much better when there isn’t any litter around I promise I will do my bit toward keeping Cornard clean and tidy.

I feel very strongly on the subject of litter. We must educate the younger generation, otherwise things will only get worse.  I shall be talking to all the schools in Cornard once again this year and hope to arrange a few trips to the recycling hub at Gt. Blakenham. There is a new school viewing room, this shows the children what happens to all our waste and why we have to recycle it. I will contact the local schools probably mid April.

Lastly we are having a few problems with dog fouling on the allotment in Blackhouse Lane. This is unacceptable. I’m down there every day and I have put up dog fouling signs.  Please keep your dog under control. I am even putting dog bags on the bin from now on so there isn’t any excuse for dogs fouling. There will be new legislation re dog fouling this year, so watch out !!

Cornard is a nice place to live and the people I meet on my daily rounds are very pleasant, so once again lets all be a bit more responsible and take a bit of pride in our environment.

Andy Nunny - Community Warden


November 2005
There was a spate of fires in the woodland by Shawlands Avenue, opposite Maldon Court. I am checking this on a daily basis but no problems for a few weeks now.

At Blackhouse Lane and allotment car park there seems to be an improvement on the car-racing front. I know the police are patrolling the area, as I am each day.  Also there isn’t as much litter as before although on Friday 14 October it looked as if a Dairy and Bakers had opened up there with loaves of bread and bottles of milk thrown all over the car park to say nothing of cartons of fresh cream tipped all into the ditch. I don’t know what these people get out of doing this but it seems the way society is today, unfortunately.

I am still enjoying my work I speak to lots of people in Cornard and I am happy to assist the public if I can. Littering and dog fouling is still a bone of contention with me we all need to be responsible for where we live and it doesn’t take long to put our litter in the bins provided and, as most of you know, I carry ‘dog-poo’ bags on my van. So if you see me don’t be afraid to ask for them.

Andy Nunny – Community Warden


August 2005

The situation with the litter at Blackhouse Lane seems to be a lot better. The Allotment also seems to be a lot clearer. I am constantly monitoring the clearing up of litter. I have regular meetings with Cleanaway, at various locations and there seems generally a great improvement and we work together in keeping Cornard tidy. The Council recently had a major clear up operation at Rede Way, spending thousands of pounds on skips and labour but I am disappointed to see that the area is still very untidy and people are still dumping rubbish onto the streets.


Due to public demand, there will be a new ‘dog poo’ bin installed at Abbas Walk very soon. I carry with me in my van a supply of ‘poo bags’, which I regularly hand out to people with dogs. Please ask me if you need some. This must be cleared up in the interest of children’s safety, especially around the schools and playing fields. Please clear up after your dog at all times. There is still a problem with cars being parked on the grass verges at Shawlands Avenue. They are parked illegally on Council land, they should not be parked there and I am monitoring the situation daily. The steps at Maldon Court, leading to Newton Road are regularly being cleared up. People are constantly dumping rubbish around there and also at the children’s play area. People should take more pride in the area and use the litterbin provided and think of the children’s safety. Very often I am called to the area around Joes Road, where I am regularly clearing up after fly tippers. If anyone sees fly tippers, they should be reported immediately. For local Community Warden information other useful contacts visit the Community Warden page on www.cornard.info or if you wish to contact me then phone me on (01787) 372331 or email me


And finally, I would like to say thank you to the person who threw out a load of old cassette tapes into the road at Shawlands Avenue. This was very irresponsible and took ages to clear up!!


Andy Nunny – Community Warden


May 2005

The Blackhouse Lane area, mainly the car park, is being used at night by boy racers. I have spoken to local residents who have expressed their fears, of accidents, damage to trees, and noise. Every day, I clear lots of fast food packaging, bottles and cans, from the ditches and the car park. You can see the tyre marks from the night before. It seems a shame with all the wildlife, i.e. ducks roaming around, that this should be allowed to happen. It seems the society we live in is scared to say anything in fear of retribution and this is very worrying. Things must change.


I am also ‘keeping an eye’ on dog walkers on the sports fields and the school fields. I am handing out dog ‘poo-bags’ with the BDC logos on. If any one needs one I always carry plenty on-board the Community Warden van. I always have a polite word about the importance of clearing up after their pets, and warn that soon I will be handing out fines!


I have cleared the allotment car park sign, and I am there every day checking when cars are dumped.


Shawlands Avenue, constantly patrolling, checking on cars for sale on the grass verges. I put a sticker on and they usually move. If not I report them to BDC and they deal with them.


Litter Picking - I have noticed Cleanaway has been more prominent. I have seen them litter picking in various areas of Cornard. This is a vast improvement as they now have a new supervisor who I am in constant contact with. I am also in contact with all the Cornard Schools.  I have also been invited to be a Governor at Pot Kiln Primary, which I have accepted with pleasure.


Summing up, I am patrolling Cornard every day, and I’m sure people have seen me around. For local Community Warden information and useful contacts visit the Community Warden page on www.cornard.info or if you wish to contact me then phone me on (01787) 372331 or email me using the hyperlink.


Andy Nunny - Community Warden