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Page updated - 31 August 2010



Cedar Corner

(3 to 11 years)

Wells Hall Road. Tel: (01787) 373489

Visit the Cedar Corner page


Crocus Early Years Centre

(0 to 5 years)

Great Cornard Upper School. Tel: (01787) 881122

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Jo Jingles

(Music & Social Development)


Stevenson Centre. Tel: (01787) 372524

Visit Jo Jingles page on this website

Stepping Stones

(3 years and over)

Wells Hall Primary School. Tel: (01787) 372524

Visit Stepping Stones page on this website


Yorley Barn Nursery

(2 to 5 years)

Yorley Farm, Little Cornard. Tel: (01787) 227144

Visit Yorley Farm Nursery page on this website



Pot Kiln Primary School

(5 to 8 years)

Butt Road. Tel: (01787) 372107

Visit Pot Kiln Primary School Website


Wells Hall Primary School

(5 to 8 years)

Wells Hall Road. Tel: (01787) 373489

Visit Wells Hall Primary School page


Great Cornard Middle School

(9 to 11 years)

Wells Hall Road. Tel: (01787) 376203

Visit GCMS Website (link 1)

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Great Cornard Upper School

(12 to 18 years)

Head Lane. Tel: (01787) 375232

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Adult Education

and Training

Suffolk TAP

(Adult Learning & Training)

42 Felaw Street, Ipswich. Tel: 01473 694810

Visit the Suffolk TAP page


Wells Hall Old School

(Community Education)

Old School, Wells Hall Road. Tel: (01787) 881038



West Suffolk College in Sudbury

(Further Education)


18 - 20 Cornard Road, Sudbury. Tel: (01787) 880619

Visit the West Suffolk College page