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01284 774300 - Sudbury Police Station, Acton Lane, Sudbury, Suffolk. CO10 6QN.


This report first appeared in the Cornard News Newsletter


August 2010
Every summer Police seem to receive complaints of motorbikes being driven on the private land adjacent to Shawlands Avenue, and a few other areas of Great Cornard.

To make the situation clear, Babergh District Council and other private landowners own this land. These owners have been approached by police and have made it very clear that they do not give permission for anyone to drive vehicles on their land. If any such permission were to be granted this would be in a written format and not a casual verbal agreement.

It should be assumed that this is the situation on any piece of private land and, if the landowner grants permission, obtain written consent. Please see the following, if you are unsure of the legislation surrounding mini motorbikes:


Motorbikes - Your quick guide to the law:

  • A road includes the pavement. The law also applies to footpaths, bridleways and other public places.

  • Parks and Open Spaces - it is illegal to ride in these areas.

  • The only place mini motorbikes can be ridden without fear of breaking the law is on private land with the landowner’s permission.

  • Whether it is an electric or petrol-powered scooter, mini motorbike or quad bike, they are all legally classed as mechanically propelled vehicles.


What you need to ride these bikes legally:

  • To be 16 years old

  • Hold a valid motorcycle licence

  • Hold appropriate certificate of insurance

  • In most cases, wear a suitable crash helmet

  • Have a compulsory basic training certificate

To use bike on the road legally:

  • Must be road-legal and comply with the highway code (number plate, lights etc)

  • Taxed

  • Subject to MOT requirements


The consequences of not complying with the legal requirements:

  • Court appearance for rider, owner and even parents of young riders

  • Courts will issue a fine

  • Points on a driving licence or future driving licence if the rider does not, currently, have one

  • Courts may issue costs if you have been in an accident or caused damage

The source for this information is - http://www.thesource.me.uk/minimotorbikes/    

Stay safe, and I hope you had a great summer holiday!

Pc 1337 Verity Pearson
Sudbury & Great Cornard SNT
– 09 Aug 2010

May 2010

Here are just a few words to let you know how we, the Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT), are doing in the area.


Broom Street has been a problem area and on our Priority from the Priority Tasking Meetings, held once a month, we had taken this off the list but was reinstated.


The youths involved have been visited on a regular basis and Encounter Forms have been issued by the PCSO’s. When alcohol is found with youths aged under 18 on the first encounter a stringent letter is sent to parents advising them of what is happening.


On the second encounter either myself or one of my PC’s will make a visit to the home address together with a PCSO to inform the parents of exactly what is going on.


On the third occasion parents and youth will be invited to the police station to speak with the Inspector.

Consideration may be given at that time for Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABC) or Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBO) and indeed a person under18 caught with alcohol on them 3 times in one year commits an offence and this may be dealt with as well.


As it would appear that quite often parents are unaware of what is going on outside the home, it may be the youths have told them something different, like they are staying at someone else’s house overnight, or longer, when in fact they are staying out at night.


We have experienced large groups of youths aged between 11 and 16 years, sometimes up to 40 at one time. This number of people can be intimidating to anyone who comes across them standing around, let alone if they are misbehaving. Antisocial behaviour where they congregate and cause misery to those who reside nearby.


We, the Police, are concentrating our efforts to dealing with such incidents and we have received a positive response by the parents who have been visited. We are also focusing on those who supply under 18’s with alcohol. At the end of April 2010 a person was issued with an £80 fixed penalty ticket for doing just that.


Further to all of this we now have a Power to Exclude persons from areas where alcohol is involved and anti social behaviour or crime is likely to reoccur. Formerly this power was only applicable to persons aged 16 and above but earlier this year the age was reduced to include 11 to 15 year olds. Youths encountered under this power can be excluded from an area for up to 48 hours and if they return may be arrested.


We are working hard to deal with your problem areas.


You can always contact us by calling 01473 613500 and asking for the Safer Neighbourhood Team for Sudbury and Cornard. Alternatively you can view the team and our current priorities by visiting the Teams website at www.onesuffolk.co.uk/safersuffolk/sudburyandgreatcornard/


Sgt Ian Watson – Sudbury & Great Cornard SNT  Sergeant - 14 May 2010





Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNT) are encouraging the public and local businesses to join Suffolk SAFEKey to ensure greater piece of mind if an incident occurs at their property.


Suffolk SAFEKey is Suffolk Constabulary’s key-holder service that gives people the opportunity to register nominated key-holders for a home or business property. A key-holder is someone trustworthy such as a friend who lives nearby and has access to the premises in the owner’s absence.


Nominated key-holders help ensure that should an incident happen at a property, the police are able to contact an appropriate person, and the incident can be dealt with as swiftly as possible.


There are many benefits to Suffolk SAFEKey including; storage of a maximum of four key-holders for business premises and two for a residential property; secure and encrypted online management of your registration via a dedicated website 24 hours a day; devoted customer support team open during office hours; storage of information relating to hazardous materials or other potential dangers; details of a preferred plumber or window boarder/ glazier and many more.


As Suffolk SAFEKey is an additional service offered by Suffolk Constabulary, there is an annual fee. To cover the cost of protecting your data and maintaining the system there is an annual charge of £12 for residential and £35 + VAT for business registrations. Anyone interested in registering a property should visit: www.suffolk.safekey.org.uk or contact the registration hotline on 08444 121 802.


Natalie Kingsford - SNT Communications Officer – 14 May 2010


February 2010

During January Sudbury and Great Cornard Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) welcomed our new Sergeant Ian Watson. Ian is a familiar Sudbury face having been posted here between 1985-1990 and 1992-1997. He was also a resident of Sudbury between 1965 and 2006 and knows the area extremely well.

Over the Christmas holidays many of you may have received expensive electrical gifts such as games consoles, audio or visual equipment. Please remember - should you wish to postcode mark these items we do have UV marker pens at Sudbury Police Station where you can collect one from the SNT.

Whilst Great Cornard did experience a number of burglaries in the latter part of 2009, a 18 year old male was arrested and charged for a number of these offences and is currently remanded in prison awaiting court appearances.

Working into February we are currently running a knife amnesty, with bins located outside the Stevenson Centre and Sudbury Police Station. This amnesty was organised after a member of the community raised the
suggestion, following 3 knife related events in Sudbury last year. As I type, the amnesty has been running for 1 week and we have already recovered over 50 knifes of all types. We have been to Sudbury and Great Cornard Upper Schools delivering the ‘Knives Wreck Lives’ message to every year group. We have seen an interest from a large number of students willing to assist us in delivering this message and I sincerely hope that we can prevent any further occurrences within our community through this education and interaction.

For regular police updates regarding issues in your area, please sign up for Police Direct at https://policedirect.suffolk.police.uk/registration/

Pc 1337 Verity Pearson
Sudbury & Great Cornard SNT
04 February 2010

November 2009

Our Mobile Police Station has been out and about in Great Cornard during the month of September 2009 manned by PCSO Andrea Campbell and PCSO Hannah Bitten. This proved to be such a success that we have booked the Station for Friday 18 December 2009 and Tuesday 12 January 2010.


If you are able, please come and see us. You will find us:

10am - 12noon at Co-Op The Drift

12noon - 1pm at The Recreational Ground, Stevenson Centre.

1pm - 2pm at Poplar Road Shops

2pm - 4pm at The Green, Hedgerows Estate


Police have received a number of complaints recently regarding youths congregating at the site of the allotments at Backhouse Lane. Patrols have identified that youths are using this area to congregate and drink alcohol. As a result we have identified a number of individuals from whom a large amount of alcohol was seized and poured away. We will continue with these patrols and would urge residents to contact us if they discover youths consuming alcohol and/or causing a nuisance.


Anti Social Behaviour is being targeted in Sudbury and Great Cornard and we work in conjunction with a large number of other authorities and agencies, but we do need you help! If you have information for the Police, on this or anything else, please call me on 01284 774304 or 01473 613500.


We look forward to meeting you at the Mobile Police Station and, if you require any further information regarding your Safer Neighbourhood Team, please visit our website at www.onesuffolk.co.uk/SaferSuffolk/sudburyandgreatcornard/


Pc 1337 Verity Pearson
Sudbury & Great Cornard SNT
13 November 2009

August 2009
Over the past few months we as a Safer Neighbourhood Team have been working with many of the local schools to address issues in relation to Road Safety. This has included lesson interactions and several inputs involving our local school children. You will also have noticed an increased presence in officers at schools during the school run period.

During the school holidays, with many more children on the streets, we turned our attention towards the enforcement of the 30 mph speed limits. We were out with speed guns, identifying and prosecuting drivers travelling over the speed limit. It’s a simple fact that speed does kill and we would ask you all to be aware of the local speed limits in and around Great Cornard.

With the hotter weather, we regularly find properties being left insecure, with windows left open and the like. Please remember to secure your premises before you leave. Thieves take easy opportunities and it’s important that everyone makes it as hard as possible for them.

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind residents to ensure that they remove any valuable items of property from their parked vehicles. If there is nothing on show the likelihood of being a victim of vehicle crime will dramatically reduce.

Why not have your say? Suffolk Constabulary is keen to hear your views about policing in the county. Please visit http://eforms.suffolk.police.uk/af3/an/default.aspx/RenderForm/?F.Name=as7jfwh2sts  and complete our on-line survey.

Finally, for further information please feel free to visit our website www.onesuffolk.co.uk/SaferSuffolk/sudburyandgreatcornard/

Sgt  1561 Matthew Carney
Sudbury & Great Cornard SNT Sergeant
– 02 Aug 2009

May 2009

Follow these top tips from Suffolk Police Crime Prevention experts to prevent Bogus Callers getting away with your valuables. If someone calls at your door: -

Think about whether or not you are expecting a call. Before you answer the door make sure that your back door, or any other method of entry to your home, is locked. Check who is calling by looking through the spy hole in your door or a nearby window.

If you have a door chain or bar, make sure that you use it & keep it on while you talk to the person on your doorstep.

Make sure you check the details of your caller. Ask them to show you an identification card. This should include their name, a photograph and the name and number of the company they represent. Check that the photograph matches that of the caller. If a letter has been sent to you to prearrange the visit then make sure the name and details on the card are the same as those in the letter.

Whenever possible arrange such visits when you know that you will have someone with you. If an appointment has not been made, take the ID card from the caller, close
and lock the door and check the details by looking the company and number up in the phone book or call directory enquiries to check if the company is genuine.

Genuine callers will always carry photographic identification with them and will not mind waiting while you check it and confirm their identity. Bogus callers can also turn up on your doorstep claiming to be builders or gardeners and may try and trick you into paying for unnecessary or overpriced work. Do not agree to have work done by someone who is just passing and never pay for any work before it is done.

Don’t believe scare stories and don’t let yourself be pressurized into a cash or quick sale. Remember to note down the description of any unsolicited caller and if possible take down the colour, make and registration number of any vehicle they use as this information may help police to apprehend an offender.

If you have any concerns about the caller on your doorstep the message is simple. If in doubt, keep them out & call 999.

If you need any further information please contact your local police station or Crime Reduction Officer at Suffolk Police on 01473 613500.

Police Direct Team

Sadly, no SNT Report was submitted for this issue.

Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) Sergeant.
Sgt 1561 Matthew Carney

The Great Cornard Team
PCSO Hannah Bitten and PCSO Andrea Campbell



Phone: Sudbury Police Station on 01473 613500

February 2009

The last few months have been a busy time for Sudbury & Great Cornard Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT). As a result of recent re-structuring we now have a larger team able to provide more cover across the SNT area. In addition to the previous two Constables and five PCSO's, we now have an extra Constable, PC Verity Pearson, and myself as dedicated SNT Supervisor.


You may also be aware that we have become one of the first SNT's in Suffolk to enter into a ‘Match Funded’ arrangement with local partners. Both Sudbury Town Council and Great Cornard Parish Council have supported this scheme and as a result we are happy to welcomed two new Police Community Support Officers to the SNT

PCSO Simon Baxter joined the Team in December 2008 and is now working in Sudbury Town Centre.  In April, PCSO Andrea Campbell will also be joining us. She is currently in training and, once fully qualified, will become a dedicated PCSO for Great Cornard ‘joining forces’ with Hannah Bitten on Patrol.

We have also recently amended our priorities following our ongoing consultation with the local community. Full details of our new priorities can be seen on the Cornard & Sudbury SNT website


In brief we are concentrating on Drink Related Anti Social Behaviour within Sudbury Town Centre over the weekends, Anti Social Use of motor vehicles in residential areas and Road Safety around Schools.

We are always happy to hear from you. If you have an issue which you think we should be concentrating on, or information that may assist us with our current priorities or crimes we may be investigating, please contact us via the e-mail link on the Suffolk Police website or contact us at Sudbury Police Station on 01473 613500.

Sgt  1561 Matthew Carney
Sudbury & Great Cornard SNT Sergeant
– 01 Feb 2009

November 2008

As the festive season is fast approaching we, the Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT), would like to take the opportunity to offer some advice to help you all to have a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year.


The towns and shops can be extra busy at this time of year and while we’re distracted shopping for Christmas it makes us easy targets for criminals to steal from us.  Always keep a close hold on personal belongings. If you carry a handbag try and use one with a zip and make sure the zip is always fastened, a short shoulder strap is also a good idea so you can keep the bag tucked securely under your arm. Bells are available from the police station to attach to your purse so if someone does try to take it from your bag the bell will alert you.


If you carry a purse or wallet in your pocket, try and put it in one with a zip or other fastening or in an inside pocket. Never leave your bag unattended in a shopping trolley, basket or on the floor. If you are trying on clothes in changing rooms do not put your bag on the floor near the curtain or door where it could easily be reached from outside the cubicle. Be alert to others around you and if you see anyone acting suspiciously report it immediately either to a member of shop staff or directly to the police.


Never leave items on display in your vehicle. Items such as ‘Sat Navs’, handbags, laptops, i-pods, mobile phones, cameras and Christmas presents left in vehicles on display will attract thieves. Again, report anyone acting suspiciously around vehicles to the police. UV security marking pens are available from the police station at a cost of just £1.00 and can be used to mark most items so if they are stolen and recovered they can be identified as yours.


Most people will have a few drinks to celebrate over the festive season, remember to drink responsibly, know your limits and when you have had enough. Try to book a taxi in advance if you are going to be drinking, if you haven’t booked a taxi and are going to find one at the end of the night make sure it is a licensed taxi from a registered company. Details can be found on the Babergh DC website.


If you are going to drive our advice is not to drink any alcohol at all. If you have been drinking be aware that you may still be ‘over the limit’ to drive the next morning.  When you are out in pubs and clubs never leave your drink unattended, bottled drinks are a good idea as you can keep your thumb over the top.  If you break arrangements you have made to get home make sure you tell someone, if you leave a pub or club to go to the cash machine or to get food don’t leave alone, go with friend.


The Police see the effects of an ‘alcohol-fuelled’ night all too often and the less than attractive consequential behaviour, this includes exposure, urinating in the street and causing petty damage, all of these are criminal offences and anyone found committing them can expect to be dealt with by police. We would also like to remind local youths that using false ID to get into pubs and clubs is an offence. PC Barry Simpson is currently working with staff of licensed premises cracking down on the use of these. We have a direct radio link with most of the pubs and clubs in town and the staff will call us if they suspect a false ID is being used.


Further crime reduction advice is available on the Suffolk Constabulary website or alternatively you can contact a member of your Safer Neighbourhood Team either in person at Sudbury Police Station, by phone on 01284 774100 [Yes, correct number for Sudbury Police Station – Ed.] or through the website where you can follow the links from www.suffolk.police.uk the Suffolk Constabulary home page.


Lastly we would like to take the opportunity to introduce a new member of our team PC Verity Pearson.  PC Pearson has been working in the Sudbury area on the response team but has now joined the SNT to work closer with your community. She will officially take up her role on the SNT on 3rd December 2008 and will be the main Police Officer responsible for Great Cornard. PC Verity Pearson can be contacted via the SNT as above.


Pc 695 Sally Henderson - Sudbury & Cornard SNT  – (09 Nov 2008)


August 2008

Since the last newsletter the Sudbury and Great Cornard Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNT) have merged, the Sudbury and Great Cornard SNT now consists of one Sergeant, two Police Constables and five Police Community Support Officers (PCSO).

The SNT officers are a team dedicated to working within the community to help solve localised neighbourhood issues using a multi agency approach. We meet regularly with other agencies such as the local and district councils, housing associations, education officers and other welfare groups as well as being a contact point for schools, youth groups and other community based organisations.


We are all responsible for these areas and specifically for helping to resolve any community concerns as well as investigating any trends in crimes. We will be continuing to attend as many community events as possible as well as hosting our own police surgeries, details of which will be available on the SNT website. We will be continuing to attend as many community events as possible as well as hosting our own police surgeries, details of which will be available on the SNT website.

In addition to the SNT officers 5 teams of response officers cover the area and sergeants who patrol the area, respond to incidents and investigate crimes. You have not lost any officers; merely the responsibilities have been divided to provide a better service to suit the needs of the community.


We will be continuing to attend as many community events as possible as well as hosting our own police surgeries, details of which will be available on the SNT website.

I have been asked to update you on the issue of speeding vehicles that was raised in the last newsletter. Our officers, special constables and Police Community Support Officers (PCSO) are trained to use our laser speed detection equipment and have been out in the local area conducting speed checks.


The main areas of concern have been highlighted as Shawlands Avenue and Bures Road however these are not the only areas we will be conducting speed checks. It is often the case that the majority of people speeding in residential areas are the residents themselves so I would urge you all to check your speed! Full figures of tickets issued will be available at the Parish and Town Council meetings. Also you can report details of speeding vehicles by email via our website.


As always I would like to encourage you to report any criminal activity to us, which can be done anonymously if you wish as well as any general community concerns such as antisocial behaviour. Our next Community Consultation event will be held on Saturday 25th October 2008 between 9.30am and 1pm in our Police Pod outside the Town Hall on Market Hill. We invite you to come along, meet the team and tell us your concerns. On this day we will also be issuing advice and leaflets you can display for Halloween respectfully asking ‘trick or treaters’ not to call at your house and hope to have our colleagues from the fire service in attendance for advice on bonfire night safety.


The team can be contacted in person at Sudbury Police Station, by phone on 01284 774100 or through the Suffolk Police website www.suffolk.police.uk where you can follow the Safer Neighbourhood Team links from the home page.


Pc 695 Sally Henderson - Sudbury & Cornard SNT  – (11 Aug 2008)


May 2008
Your Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) for Cornard are continuing attend as many functions and events as possible, and have met a great many of the Cornard residents. 

Unfortunately, we have received reports of speeding motorists in various areas around the village. More of the team are now trained in the use of the laser speed detection equipment, and accordingly there will be an increase in the targeting of speeding motorists in order to keep other road users and pedestrians safe - please slow down, for everyone’s benefit.

As the better weather is (hopefully) on it’s way, more and more residents will be getting out and about in Cornard. I would like to take this opportunity to remind residents of the local by-law that exists in relation to off-road motorcycling in and around the ‘green areas’ of Cornard - it can be Anti-Social, and, as reducing antisocial behaviour is one of our policing priorities, this will be targeted accordingly. The law states that if a motorcycle is on a road (being pushed or ridden) it needs to be taxed, MOT’d and insured - if this is not the case, the law is being broken - please beware.

You will be pleased to hear that crime rates continue to fall across the county, and Cornard’s already low rate of crime has fallen as well - this is encouraging and we will strive to continue this trend.

Many people give us information about criminality. Please feel free to email us information: Cornard & Sudbury SNT website or utilise Crimestoppers - 0800 555 111 - we want to know if criminals are operating in our area, and we will target them appropriately.

Sgt 336 Dave Giles - Cornard SNT  – (29 Aril 2008)