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Stewart Sheridan


Stewart was born in Sudbury in 1945. His father was an American GI, one of the many servicemen who fell in love with English girls at that time and Stewart went to live in the States with his parents. However, as was also quite common at that time, the marriage did not flourish and Stewart and his mother returned to Sudbury. Since that time, apart from six years in the Army, Stewart has lived in the area.                           


In 1974 Stewart moved to Great Cornard with his wife Margaret and although they had originally decided to stay for only a short time they have been here for 31 years. They have three children, Christopher 27, Lucy 25, and Ella 23 and they were the reason Stewart and Margaret decided to remain in Cornard. The children went first to Pot Kiln School, then the Middle and Upper Schools. All the schools were good and the children were happy so it made sense to stay put. Stewart was on the Governing Body of Pot Kiln School for 13 years.


When Christopher joined the Cub pack in Cornard, Stewart became involved, little knowing that he would still be volunteering 17 years later. A few years after running the Cubs Stewart became a leader in the Scouts.  Margaret was also involved in running the Beavers. There are four groups in Cornard all meeting at the old village hall in Bures Road on different nights. The Beaver Colony for 6-8 years, the Cub Pack for 8-10 years, the Scout Troop for 10-14 years and another Scout troop for 14-18 years. Stewart is now the Group Scout Leader and Margaret gave up leading the Beavers to become his Secretary. Great Cornard was the first Scout group in the district to take in girls 13 years ago and it has worked out very well. A 5,000 grant from the Lottery Fund enabled the Scouts to buy canoes which they can now launch from Cornard Lock, as the River Stour Trust has given them a key to their site and let them use their new building (which will be officially opened later on in the year) to take showers and use the changing rooms.


As is continually the case with voluntary groups there is always a need for more people coming forward to help even if only to join the committee which meets once a month to decide on activities and money raising ventures. The Scouts run two Craft Fairs a year and also organise the Guy Fawkes Bonfire Party at the Recreation Ground. There are also camping holidays for all sections of the Scouts and last year the venue was in the Lake District at Great Towers, comprising 240 acres and situated only a short distance from Lake Windemere. The site has trained instructors in all aspects of outdoor life. There are also camps closer to home for the younger members.


Apart from his daily job at ICI in Brantham, Stewart also works on Sunday for the Probation Service, taking people who are on Community Service Orders to their allotted jobs. This usually involves painting, decorating and gardening for local communities in Suffolk.


Although Stewart has a busy life it is a full and happy one and many adults who, as children, were in the Scouts in Cornard, will remember him with respect and affection.


Interview by Joan Herbert (Cornard News) - 05 May 2005