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Page updated - 24 May 2009


Joan Lynton

Joan Lynton was born eight & a half decades ago, she tells me - although to spend time with her one would hardly believe it - and is an interesting person & so full of life; I certainly don’t mean to sound ‘ageist’.


Joan was one of two girls born at Hillside Cottage, Kings Hill, Great Cornard, a Dr Higgins then owned the big house which is now Hillside Nursing Home and he demolished the old cottage and built the two present day properties on the site in the 1930s.


Joan and her family moved to Sudbury when she was three and she returned to live at Kings Hill after her marriage in 1948. In 1960 Joan and her husband had their present home built in Head Lane and at that time there were only three other properties on the south side of the road, Roland Suddaby, the artist lived in one.


Joan had a son and daughter and both children attended Wells Hall Old School, an excellent school she says, with Lionel Hurst (a road is named after him on the Hedgerows estate) the Headmaster, his wife taught the kindergarten and there were four classes in all. There was a coal-burning heating stove in the middle of the main classroom, outside lavatories of course, which Joan said her young daughter found rather hard to accept. Joan was a member of the Parents Association and a School Governor at this school and later when all the pupils were moved to the newly built Pot Kiln Primary School she carried on in this capacity.


Her working life was spent as a Post Mistress and she worked at the old General Post Office in Station Road for seven years, in those days you had to have three months training before working on the counter. Once Joan's children were old enough she returned to this occupation and has worked all over Suffolk as a relief Postmistress. She also spent some time working in the Family Planning Clinic held at the Stevenson Centre. For 22 years this lady served as a Magistrate at Sudbury Court, quite an experience she says.


Joan's garden is beautiful but her special interest is vegetable growing, she is a member of the Soil Association and when Doubleday Organic Research Centre came into being at Braintree she joined that, unfortunately this has now moved to Coventry. During their early days at Head Lane a Mr Brown who lived nearby kept pigs and Joan and her husband used to trundle their wheelbarrow up there to collect the manure for their vegetables. The King's Head also sold beer by the jug then and Joan's husband would go to collect a pint or two for the evening, with instructions from his wife not to drink too much on the way home!


In her younger days Joan was a long distance walker and completed walks all over the British lsles, she would go back-packing for a week with a friend and her trips included the South Downs, Peddars Way, Brecon Beacons and the Glencoe area, to name a few. Her husband did not accompany her on these excursions, she said he had more sense.


I find it hard to list all Joan's hobbies but to name a few - she ably paints in acrylics and water-colours and makes very acceptable pots, small figures and animals in clay, she plays table tennis and is an avid reader.


Joan Lynton has had such an interesting and full life I could have spent much more time with her but like all busy people she was ‘on to the next thing’ which is probably what keeps her so young at heart and one of ‘Cornard's People’.


Doris Rowland – Cornard News - 10 May 2009