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Page updated - 25 February 2010


Robert Hewett


Robert Hewett, or Bob, as he prefers to be called was born in Royston, Hertfordshire, the eldest of three children.

Bob’s father was a great example to him as he attended a local village school, passed the Entrance exam to enable him to attend Camelford Grammar School, (Cornwall), however, this entailed a walk of eight miles both to and from school each day – no mean feat for a boy of eleven!  He later took exams externally, became a teacher and quickly rose to the rank of Head Teacher at Royston Grammar School.


Bob himself qualified as a teacher at Saltley College, Birmingham in 1939, and when war came he was called up. He was assured he would only be required to ‘serve his country’ for eighteen months at most, because of his profession. However, his service career extended to the duration of the war, some of which was spent in Italy with the Suffolk Regiment. After the war he was awarded a Kitchener Scholarship by the Army to Downing College, Cambridge. The famous ‘No.10’ Street was named after the same man.


Bob met his wife Lorna whilst she was teaching music at Roedean School in Brighton. They were introduced by mutual friends when he did not have a partner to take to the May Ball at Cambridge.  He certainly knew a good thing when he saw it as they were engaged within three weeks and married the next year, they celebrate a marvellous sixty two years of marriage this year. On leaving University Bob’s first teaching post was at Beckenham Grammar School, moving on to become Head of English at Midfield School in Kent.


Bob and Lorna have five children, two sets of twins and another son – the second set of twins were born in St. Leonards Hospital, Sudbury after Bob took up the position of Head Teacher of Mill Lane Secondary Modern School for boys in 1960 when there were approximately 550 pupils on the register. In 1962 the Hewett family moved to Great Cornard from Sudbury.


In 1972 Comprehensive education was introduced, the school was disbanded and the younger boys stayed on in the newly named All Saints Middle School whilst the older boys moved to Sudbury Upper School. Bob was appointed Head Teacher of Uplands Middle School (the old Girls High School in York Road) where he remained until he retired.


Retirement did not mean a quiet life for Bob because he sought new challenges.  He attended the Open College of the Arts at Colchester and became an efficient Water Colour artist. Aged 70 years he joined a Gliding Club and took to the air on many occasions.  Whilst he had been Head at Uplands School he had helped organise the Sudbury Festival, became Committee Chairman, then President and is now President Emeritus. He has been involved with Town Twinning since its foundation, being on the Committee when the Official Charter was signed with both Hoxter and Clermont. The Sudbury Society is another of Bob’s interests where he is currently Vice President, having served previously as both Chairman and President.


Teaching is very much a family vocation as two of the Hewett sons entered the profession; one is a Head Teacher in Coventry, the other, Head at a School for the Deaf until he took early retirement.


Bob is such a public-spirited gentleman who has given many, many years service to the community and it was my very great pleasure to be able to record this for Cornard News.


Interview by Doris Rowland (Cornard News) – 04 February 2010