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Audrey Wood


Audrey Wood and her twin brother were born on 19th October 1946 at 47 Bures Road. Her friend next door was also born on the same day and as Audrey laughingly says “the Doctor had a busy time that day". Behind the house where Audrey was born were allotments where Stannard Way and Glenside now stand and cornfields where St Andrews Road and Oriel Close now is.


Audrey attended the Old School at Wells Hall Road from 5 to 11 years when she went to the Secondary Modern School, Mill Lane, Sudbury. After a year the education system changed and from a mixed school all girls had to attend the Girls High School in Sudbury. She took a one-year Commercial Course and then started her working life at Edward Baker where she remained for 40 years. Audrey thinks it is a great shame some of the old accounting machines she and her colleagues used could not have formed part of a Museum together with other artefacts from Bakers Mill. When Audrey first started work she used to see the big flour containers come to the Mill, using the railway siding, and load up to go to Farleys Rusk factory. Flour and farm feeds were first manufactured there and later this became pet feed.


Audrey's father came to Great Cornard with his parents and her Grandfather, Charlie Wood, ran the Post Office that used to be at the top of Kings Hill from one of the flat-roofed houses. Her father carried on the family association with the Post Office as he started work as a messenger boy and worked for them for 46 years. Audrey's parents were married in St Andrews Church on 1st August 1938 and during her working life Mrs Wood was in service to Len Winch of Winch and Blatch. Mr Winch was a well-known Sudbury figure who, in his later years, used to stand in the doorway next to the shop wearing a black suit and hat, leaning on his walking stick and chatting to passers-by.


In her younger days Audrey worked behind the bar of 'The Five Bells' on Bures Road and played for the Ladies Darts team for several years. A big smile crosses her face when she confesses she was an avid follower of a rock and roll group called ‘The Cruisers’ who held grand ‘sessions’ in the Zanzi Cellar Club situated under the Zanzibar, a coffee bar, which was in Gainsborough Street where Sworders Estate Agents now stand. She says it is a good job Health and Safety regulations were not in force then as the place was jumping on Friday and Saturday nights and the only ventilation was a pavement grating - today I think I would be described as a 'groupie' she says.


Audrey was made redundant in 2002 when she decided to sell her old home on the Bures Road to move in with her long-time partner Cliff, who has also spent all his life in Great Cornard. They have both obviously seen many changes over the years but in my opinion are happy and content with their lot, walking their dog, enjoying their very pleasant cottage mid simply living, hopefully, untroubled lives.


Interview by Doris Rowland (Cornard News) - 19 Nov 2006