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Page updated - 12 March 2007


Alf Eady


Alf is one of the few remaining residents that were born and brought up in the village and now lives opposite to the house in which he was born. He has not however, spent all his years here and has led rather an eventful life. He attended the village school, leaving at 14 and working as an errand boy for Holland and Barrett in Sudbury. As soon as he was old enough in 1940 he joined the Royal Marines and whilst training at Deal in Kent he witnessed the soldiers coming back from Dunkirk, memories which will never leave him. Alf says he stood on the beach with a rifle in his hand, but it had no bolt! He served on the HMS Illustrious, first in the North Sea, then the Mediterranean, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific. His memories of these times would more than fill a book, and his journey home was like a holiday cruise as peace had been declared.


On his return Alf served on the Parish Council and was active in acquiring the land for the Cemetery, his father sadly was one of the first to be buried there. Alf obviously still had itchy feet as he soon went off to Johannesburg hoping to work in the gold mines, but even though he had been in the marines he was not strong enough to be accepted, so spent 5 years out in South Africa and Rhodesia working in the Railways workshop.


Alf finally settled down on his return taking a job at C.A.V. where he remained until retirement. It was there that he met his wife Pearl, they married in 1962, had three children all who still live locally and now have five grandchildren.


There is much to say about Alf, as he was a Parish and District Councillor for many years, being on the Parish Council when the Village Hall was given on lease to the local Scout Group. He was one of the leading campaigners in obtaining the Community Centre and was the President of the Community Association. Sadly, due to lack of support, the Centre was finally wound up in the 1980s. He also ran a Bingo Session every Saturday at the Church Hall for many years in aid of the local Flower Show. He was a keen gardener and many of us will remember buying his flowers and vegetables on our way to the Dairy Stores, especially the lovely dahlias.  Alf also used to build the bonfire on the Recreation Ground before the Boy Scouts took over, and he cleared up the next day. Alf has always worked for the good of the village and its residents.


Alf has many stories and through the years has seen Cornard grow from a population of a few hundred to one over 10,000.  He says even in the 1920s there were six pubs in the village and they all made a living!!


Alfs father fought in the First World War, still having a piece of shrapnel in his shoulder from Passchendaele at the time of his death; Alf fought in the Second World War and Alfs youngest son served in the first Gulf War and in Bosnia.


Alf and Pearl are now enjoying retirement and long may they continue to do so.


Interview by Gill Applegate (Cornard News) - 18 Feb 2007