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Page updated - 22 August 2011


The series 'Cornard People' was kindly submitted by the community newsletter Cornard News.


The people featured here are just some of the people who have contributed, and in many cases are still contributing, so much to the community of Great Cornard.


Tina Baker

George Bishop

Gerald Browne

Fred Bloys

Sylvia Byham

Roger Burden

Laurie Burroughs

Roy Cole

John Chaplin

Ray Chaplin

Peter Cooper

Alf Eady

Len Fisher

Lesley Ford-Platt

Richard Fox

Mrs. Freestone

Bob Hewett

Stuart Hume

Jacqueline Jouet

Rod Kilby

Joan Lynton

Mike Marsh

Gerry Mills

Margaret Mills

Raj Nandi

Maureen Nandi

Bill Norfolk

Bill Partridge

Brenda Powell

Ann Ross

David Rout

Percy Ruse

Jim Sanders

Stewart Sheridan

Colin Steed

Penny Thewlis

Chris Ward

Joy Weavers

Tina Whiting

Audrey Wood



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