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Page updated - 30 November 2008




Hello everyone, my name is Sally Watson and I am the Anti-Social Behaviour Network Officer for Babergh. I am no stranger to anti-social behaviour having been a Police Officer in the county (covering this area in the early ‘90’s ) and a Crime Reduction Officer for Suffolk Constabulary for the past 4 years at Woodbridge.


As you may be aware, Anti-Social Behaviour is very prominent at the moment with the Government introducing new powers for the Police and Councils to tackle it, by working together. The new powers the Government have introduced include Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABC’s) and Anti-Social Behaviour Orders, (ASBO’s) which are designed to put a stop to anti-social behaviour by the individuals on whom they are imposed.


The ASBO is a civil order, which contains conditions prohibiting the offender from specific anti-social acts or entering defined areas. It is effective for a minimum of 2 years but can last for life, and can be valid throughout the country. If breached it can carry up to 5 years imprisonment.


The Acceptable Behaviour Contract is an individual written agreement by a young person with a partner agency and the police not to carry on with certain identifiable acts. If an ABC is breached the fact can be used as evidence to support an ASBO application.


There are other ways in which the police can deal with young people who are involved in nuisance behaviour rather than criminal behaviour, namely the Youth Nuisance Register which contains the names of young people under the age of 17 who have been spoken to by the police and the parents informed. There are various stages of the register dependant on the number of times the young person has come to notice, each stage being more serious than the last.


Although we have been given these new ‘tools’ to deal with anti-social behaviour we still need evidence to support any applications we make. This is where we rely on you to forward us your concerns so we can identify what is happening and to ensure we deal with it as quickly as we can and in the correct way.


Together we can make a difference!


You can contact me at Sudbury Police Station either in writing, or by phoning 01284 774303 or by picking up an incident reporting form which can be obtained from various outlets locally.


I look forward to hearing from you.